Meet Fees
Base Fee - Each meet carries its own unique set of fees.  Any meet in the Southeastern Swimming LSC includes a base fee of $4.00 for the LSC surcharge. Depending on the meet venue, there may also be an additional facility fee. For any travel meets outside of Panama City, there is also a $10.00 per swimmer coaching fee.  These fees must be paid regardless of how many days or events your swimmer participates in. Please check the event information for the meet you plan to attend for a complete list of these fees.
The PCST Board of Directors has approved a small fee to be assessed to each family to help offset the costs of Hospitality at our two large swim meets effective August 1st, 2017.  Each active PCST family will be assessed a $10.00 fee on their bill for the September Meet and a $10.00 fee for the April Meet regardless of whether any family swimmers compete in the meet (NOTE:  This is a per family fee, not per swimmer.  Families with ONLY Masters or Pre-Team swimmers are not included in this fee).  
These swim meets not only help provide income to PCST to keep our dues low but also allow us the opportunity to compete several times a year without having to spend money on hotels, etc…  In order to run these competitions, we have to feed and keep hydrated many people for multiple days.  This also means that we will not need families to go out and purchase items such as water, etc... and lug it down to the pool before swim meets.
Individual Events - Each host team has the ability to charge what they choose for individual and relay events. Most meets run in the range of $3.00-$6.00 per event.

Relay Events - If your swimmer is selected by the coaching staff at a meet to represent the Tsunamis in a relay event, then the Tsunamis will absorb the cost of that event.  Your swimmer must be registered for the meet on the day they wish to participate in a relay.

NOTE: All meet fees are due in advance for each team. Please note the cut-off date for registration and be sure you have registered for the event. Once you have registered for a meet you are responsible for the meet fees regardless of whether you attend the meet or not. Meet fees will be billed through your automatic payment system the same way as your monthly dues. By registering for a given meet you are acknowledging you understand this policy and are agreeing to the above terms. We realize unforeseen circumstances can keep you from attending a meet at the last minute, but PCST will already have paid the fees to the sponsoring team on your behalf and must be reimbursed for them. None of the teams provide a refund for no-shows.