How to Sign Up for a Swim Meet


PCST will update the Events section of the website with upcoming meets months in advance, as well as post them in each Weekly Update.  Please be sure to check each event's registration deadline, as most meets will not allow athlete's to enter the meet after the posted deadline on the meet page.

How to sign up:

1.) Go to and log in to your account
2.) Look at the bottom-center section of the front page under “Team Events”
3.) Click the “Attend/Decline" to sign up for the meet under “Member Name”
5.) Click the drop down bar next to “declaration” and select “Yes, please sign ______ up for this event”
6.) It will be assumed that your swimmer will participate in each day of competition unless otherwise noted in the "Notes" section
7.)  If you would like to choose your swimmers events, now is your time to do so.  Any swimmers without events selected, will have their events chosen by PCST coaches.

8.) Scroll to the bottom of the page to Click Save and you’re done! (if you do not click the save button, your swimmer will not be entered into the competition)
9.) Coaches will select your swimmers events for each day of competition if they are not already selected.
10.) After the deadline you may view your swimmer's events by repeating steps 1-3 to return to the sign up page

*Remember you MUST click the "Save" button to complete updating your declaration.