Please see below for information related to the practice schedule.  All Middle School Swimmers on the Beach (beach schools and homeschool living on beach side) will practice at Frank Brown Park.  All Middle School Swimmers in Town (schools in town and homeschool living on town side) will practice at Mosley High School.

Breakfast Point Academy, Surfside Middle, Home School (who live in PCB)
Monday- Thursday 5:00-6:00PM at Frank Brown Park
University Academy and  Bozeman, Covenant, Jinks, Mowat, Merritt Brown, Bay Haven, North Bay Haven, Palm Bay, Rising Leaders, Home School (who live in PC/Lynn Haven/Callaway etc..) and all others not listed
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 5:30-6:30pm at Mosley High School     
For directions to either facility, please see our Locations Page
Recommendations for Practices:
  • Swimmers will need to provide their own swim suit.  Any style of suit is acceptable, however, we recommend a compeition style of suit.  Examples can be found at the links below:
  • Swimmers will also need to provide their own goggles.  We recommend goggles that cover the eyes only (not a mask style, which covers the nose).  Examples of goggles can be found at the links below:
  • Swim caps will be provided for swimmers
  • All other necessary equipment will be available for use on site.


Swim Meets:
All swim meets will take place at Gulf Coast State College.  See the Locations page for directions
Meet Schedule:
March 30 - Meet #1 Freestyle/Backstroke
April 13 - Meet #2 Breaststroke/Butterfly
May 4 - Meet #3 Championship (ALL 4 Events)
All Meets will adhere to the following timetable unless otherwise notified:
6:45 PM
Arrive at Gulf Coast State College
Locate Coach/Team
Prepare for warm up
7:00 PM
Team Warm Up
7:20 PM
Team Meetings
7:30 PM
Competition begins with first event
8:30 PM
Meet finish is variable, but will not go later than 8:30PM



Recommendations for Meets:
  • Swimmers should sit with their team for the length of the meet.  Coaches will be organizing swimmers for their events and for relays throughout the meet.  Swimmers who are not in the team area make this process difficult and could result in a swimmer mising a race
  • Spectators should sit in bleachers around pool or bring their own folding chairs for set up in the field.  NO SPECTATORS WILL BE ALLOWED BEHIND THE STARTING BLOCKS
  • Swimmers should pack multiple pairs of goggles in case one pair breaks.
  • Swimmers should also pack warm clothing(i.e. jacket, sweatpants etc).  While the air temperature might be comfortable, the combination of wind and wet can lead atheltes to being cold.