PCST Weekly Update - Monday March 20, 2023

Collin Burchins

PCST Weekly Updates – Monday March 20, 2023

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Practice Schedule Changes
- Upcoming Practice Changes March 20 – April 2
Senior (Frank Brown)  – No Scheduled Changes
Junior (Frank Brown)  – No Scheduled Changes
Age Group 2 (Frank Brown) - No Scheduled Changes
Age Group 1 (Frank Brown) – No Scheduled Changes
Senior Group (Mosley) – Check with Coach Steve for Details
Age Group 2 (GCSC)
 – No Scheduled Changes
Age Group 1 (GCSC)  –  No Scheduled Changes
PCST Masters (Frank Brown) – No Scheduled Changes

Register with USA Swimming ASAP - URGENT
USA Swimming has changed the way your swimmer will be registered.  They have implemented a new Online Membership Registration for all USAS members beginning September 1, 2022.  ALL PCST swimmers, officials, and coaches will need to follow the link below to merge their previous membership information to a new account and USAS ID.  (DO NOT use your previous account login). 
Any PCST swimmer who joined the competitive team after August 1, 2022, will need to follow the link to set up an account and pay for a 2022-23 USAS Membership immediately!
ANY PCST swimmer who has not completed this registration by January 1, 2023, will not be allowed to train or compete until registration is completed and verified.

Become a PCST Official!!!
PCST regularly needs officials to host meets and run the consistent and high-quality competitions we have become known for.  Each PCST meet must have certified USA-S certified officials conducting the meet for each swimmer to receive official credit for their swims/times.
Information for becoming an official is available under the Resources->Parent Resources area of the PCST website.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact our PCST Officials Point of Contact.

PCST Partnership with Pro-Am Sportz Discount Lodging Website!
PCST has developed a partnership with Pro-Am Sportz, a website that provides discount lodging across the United States.  This site is very much like other national travel websites but a percentage of all rooms booked through this site will go back to PCST.  We currently use this site for our guests at PCST swim meets, but can also use it for our travels to other swim meets such as the meets listed above for this Summer.  While all of that is wonderful, the best thing is that it can also be used for any travel at all, not just swim meets!  Pro-Am Sportz can’t do anything about high hotel prices in Florida while the rest of the country keeps fleeing to freedom down here, but they can provide the best options across all hotels and even condos.  We are happy to be able to offer this option to our members and feel free to use this site if you wish.  The link for the website is:  https://pcswimteam-travel.travel-benefits.com/

Choose PCST When Shopping at Amazon!
Do you shop on Amazon?  The next time you do, please use this link for all of your future shopping: https://smile.amazon.com/ .  Just sign in with your regular user name and password.  Then select Panama City Swim Team as your charity of choice.  There is absolutely no difference from your usual Amazon shopping experience, but a small portion of each purchase will be donated to PCST!  Make sure to save it to your favorites so that it'll become a habit.  Please share with all your family and friends who may also enjoy shopping online!  This can even be saved into your Amazon App!

Team Vendor – Swim and Tri!
Swim and Tri is the official team vendor of PCST!  Swim and Tri is one of the largest and most well respected swimming equipment vendors in the country.  Paul and Patrice Wolfensberger are wonderful people who have built what started as a small swim shop in Knoxville, Tennessee into a shop that serves swim teams across the country.  We are very excited to be partners with Swim and Tri.  Make sure to check out the Swim and Tri PCST Team Portal and look for all of the great discounts.  You can access the Team Portal by clicking the Swim and Tri logo on the PCST Home Page (toward the bottom of the page).

PCST Team Store Ordering Instructions!
Several items such as T-Shirts and caps can be billed to your account through the PCST Team Store.  Items in stock will be sent to your child at swim practice.  Please send any order to Coach Phillip Wood at [email protected]  For items available through the PCST Team Store, please click the following link:  https://www.teamunify.com/team/sepcst/page/resources/team-store

Mark Your Calendars! – Upcoming Events and Deadlines
Please mark your calendars for the upcoming PCST Team Events and Deadlines
March 13-19 - (Team Event) - 2023 Spring Break
March 14-18 - (Swim Meet) - NCSA Junior Nationals in Orlando, FL
April 22-23 - (Swim Meet) - PCST April Home Meet in Panama City Beach, FL

Long Range Planning
Please note the schedule of the following events which will take place several months from now
May 13-14 - (Swim Meet) - PCST May Home Meet in Panama City Beach, FL
June 2-4 - (Swim Meet) - GPAC June Invitational in Pensacola, FL
June 30-2 - (Swim Meet) - ATAC Summer Invitational (P/F) in Tallahassee, FL
July 14-16 - (Swim Meet) - Southeastern LSC Long Course Championship in Huntsville, AL

PCST Sponsors & Affiliates
Rudy’s BBQ – rudysbbq.com - 14501 Panama City Beach Pkwy
Pro-Am Sportz Discount Lodging - https://pcswimteam-travel.travel-benefits.com/
Steve’s Bike Shop - https://stevesbikeshop.com