PCST Weekly Update - Monday May 13, 2019

Collin Burchins
May 13, 2019

PCST Weekly Updates – Monday May 13, 2019

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Practice Schedule Changes
- Upcoming Practice Changes for May 13-26
Senior (Frank Brown)  – No Practice Sat. 5/18
Junior (Frank Brown)  – No Practice Sat. 5/18
Age Group 2 (Frank Brown)  – No Practice Sat. 5/18
Age Group 1 (Frank Brown)  – No changes to normal schedule
Pre-Team (Frank Brown)  – No changes to normal schedule
Senior Group (Mosley)Mosley Pool Reopens Tuesday 5/14
Age Group 2 (Gulf Coast) – No Practice Sat. 5/18
Age Group 1 (Gulf Coast) – No changes to normal schedule
Pre-Team (Gulf Coast) – No changes to normal schedule
PCST Masters (Frank Brown)No Practice Sat. 5/18

Volunteers Needed for PCST Swim Meet This Weekend!
The PCST Speedo May Swim Meet will be held this weekend at Frank Brown Park.  We take great pride in hosting some of the finest competitions in the Southeast.  Hosting these meets helps to keep our fees low and saves us having to travel to competitions and spend money on hotels, etc…  In order to run these meets we need many volunteers, especially timers.  If you can help this weekend, please sign up online at the following link:  https://www.teamunify.com/team/sepcst/controller/cms/admin/index#/calendar-team-events/job:1003850

Mosley Pool Reopens Tuesday May 14!
The Mosley Pool will reopen to PCST on Tuesday May 14.  A big thanks to everyone at the school district who helped get the pool back open for us.

Choose PCST When Shopping at Amazon!
Do you shop on Amazon?  The next time you do, please use this link for all of your future shopping: https://smile.amazon.com/ .  Just sign in with your regular user name and password.  Then select Panama City Swim Team as your charity of choice.  There is absolutely no difference from your usual Amazon shopping experience, but a small portion of each purchase will be donated to PCST!  Make sure to save it to your favorites so that it'll become a habit.  Please share with all your family and friends who may also enjoy shopping online!

Team Vendor – Swim and Tri!
Swim and Tri is the official team vendor of PCST!  Swim and Tri is one of the largest and most well respected swimming equipment vendors in the country.  Paul and Patrice Wolfensberger are wonderful people who have built what started as a small swim shop in Knoxville, Tennessee into a shop that serves swim teams across the country.  We are very excited to be partners with Swim and Tri.  Make sure to check out the Swim and Tri PCST Team Portal and look for all of the great discounts.  You can access the Team Portal by clicking the Swim and Tri logo on the PCST Home Page (toward the bottom right of the page).

PCST Team Store Ordering Instructions!
Several items such as T-Shirts and caps can be billed to your account through the PCST Team Store.  Items in stock will be sent to your child at swim practice.  Please send any order to Coach Bobbie Martin at bobbiemartin322@icloud.com.  For items available through the PCST Team Store, please click the following link:  https://www.teamunify.com/SubTabGeneric.jsp?team=sepcst&_stabid_=88455

Mark Your Calendars! – Upcoming Events and Deadlines
Please mark your calendars for the upcoming PCST Team Events and Deadlines
May 18-19 – (Swim Meet) PCST Speedo Long Course Invite at Frank Brown Park
May 27 - DEADLINE for Entry into the BSL Swim Meet in Birmingham
May 30 - DEADLINE for Entry into the Sarasota Meet (Travel Team Qualifiers Only)
June 3 – (Summer Splashes) – Summer Splashes Program Begins
June 7-9 – (Swim Meet) BSL Swim Meet in Birmingham, AL
June 10 - DEADLINE for Entry into the PCST Sprint SC Meet at Gulf Coast
June 14 - DEADLINE for Entry into the ATAC Long Course Invitational in Tallahassee
June 15 – (Swim Meet) PCST Sprint Short Course Meet at GCSC
June 20-23 – (Swim Meet) – Travel Team Meet in Sarasota, FL
June 25 – (Summer Splashes) – Summer Splashes Fun Meet #1 at Frank Brown Park
June 27-30 – (Swim Meet) – ATAC Long Course Invitational in Tallahassee, FL

Long Range Planning
Please note the schedule of the following events which will take place several months from now
July 2 – (Summer Splashes) – Summer Splashes Fun Meet #2 at Frank Brown Park
July 9 – (Summer Splashes) – Summer Splashes Fun Meet #3 at Frank Brown Park
July 16 – (Summer Splashes) – Summer Splashes Fun Meet #4 at Frank Brown Park
July 18-21 – (Swim Meet) – Southeastern Long Course Championships in Huntsville, AL
July 26 – (Summer Splashes) – Summer Splashes Championship Meet at Frank Brown
July 27-28 – (Swim Meet) – Coast Aquatics Short Course Meet in Destin
Aug. 6-10 – (Swim Meet) – USA Swimming Junior Nationals in Palo Alto, CA
Sept.  20-22 – (Swim Meet) – PCST Speedo Beach Blast at Frank Brown Park
Oct. 12-13 (Swim Meet) – Coast Aquatics Swim Meet in Destin
Oct. 26 – (Swim Meet) – PCST October Sprint Meet at Gulf Coast
Nov. 22-24 – (Swim Meet) – GPAC Gravy Bowl Swim Meet in Pensacola, FL
Nov. 25-31 – (Group Break) – Thanksgiving Break for all swimmers
Dec. 11-14 – (Swim Meet) – USA Swimming Winter Junior Championships East in Atlanta
Dec. 14 – (Swim Meet) – PCST/CA/SEAL 12&Under Tri-Meet at Gulf Coast

PCST Birthdays in May!
2 – Lilly Lozier (15)
3 – Jax Martin (8), Tanner Craig (17)
6 – Pavel Letkin (12), Hannah Johnson (16), Sarah Elbana (17)
11 – Patrick Posey (13)
12 – Fianna Brooks (12)
16 – Parker Johns (14)
17 – Richard Fonte (8)
21 – Danial Westbo (11)
24 – Nathan Caldwell (12)
26 – Logan Phaneuf (14)
29 – Blake Martin (14)
30 – Steven Thomas Dvorak (16)