Pre-Team Description

The Pre-Team program is designed as a bridge program for swimmers who are comfortable in the water, may have had lessons previously, and are interested in eventually joining the Competitive Team, but may not be ready yet.  Swimmers in this program focus on increasing efficiency in the water, learning the four competitive strokes, and learning additional skills to prepare swimmers for the Competitive Team.
Practices for this program will be twice a week, either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday, and will last an hour each day.  This program is offered at both Frank Brown Park and Gulf Coast State College.  See the Practice Schedule for more specifics about practice times for each location.  Class sizes for this program will be limited to ensure a 6:1 swimmer to coach ratio. 

This program is perfect for the beginner to novice swimmer who is looking to learn the skills necessary for competitive team or who is interested in trying out the sport of swimming!
Cost for the Pre-Team:
There is no registration fee for the Pre-Team, only a $70 per month fee that is billed to your account.  
For more information on how to register, visit the Pre-Team Registration Information Page