Pre-Team Equipment List

Swimmers in the Pre-Team program will need the following items at practice everyday:

  • Swimsuit
  • Goggles
  • Water Bottle


There are several different types of swimsuits on the market.  For this program any swimsuit will work, however we recommend competitive style swimsuits.  These suits are tighter than a recreational swim suit and allow for greater range of motion while reducing drag.  Drag reduction is helpful for swimmers when learning more complex motions.  Imagine trying to learn how to play a traditional sport or run while wearing a weighted vest.  Swimmers who carry extra drag from their suits feel the same way!  Below is a list of recommended suits from our team vendor, Swim and Tri.  These types of suits are also available at local retailers around the Panama City/Panama City Beach area.
Goggles are the other piece of equipment swimmers will need everyday.  Goggles will help protect eyes from the water, making swimming with proper technique much easier.  For this program, goggles should cover only the eyes (we recommend NO scuba masks or nose coverings).  There are many different goggles on the market for swimmers to try.  Whichever pair you select, make sure to choose a pair that is comfortable for your swimmer to wear for long periods of time.  There are goggles on the market specifically for younger swimmer which are smaller and more comfortable to wear.  If swimming at an outdoor pool (Frank Brown Park is outdoors, Gulf Coast State College is indoors), tinted goggles are a must! 
Below are a few recommended types of goggles:

Water Bottle
Any water bottle will do!  Even though swimmers are in the pool, they will still work up a sweat and need to stay hydrated!