We are currently at Max Capacity.  Interested swimmers will be placed on a waitlist.  Please follow the steps below to get on the waitlist.




Pre-Team Registration Process


There are several steps to take before your swimmer can start practicing with the Panama City Swim Team Pre-Team Program.  Please use the following guide to expedite the registration process:


  1. **FIRST** Contact Coach Brian ([email protected])
    • When contacting Coach Brian, please provide your athlete’s name, age, school grade, any experience, and your preferred practice location Frank Brown Park or Gulf Coast State College (Mosley High School during June and July)
  2. ​Schedule an evaluation with Coach Brian ([email protected])
    • ​​Evaluations are held regularly. After contacting our Coach Brian, you will be provided with a date and time for the evaluation.  
  3. Show up to the evaluation with suit and goggles ready to swim
    • The evaluation will take approximately 15 minutes and will require your swimmer to get into the water. 
    • A coach will be on deck to evaluate the swimmers current skill set and provide general information on the program and answer any questions you may have
    • At the conclusion of the evaluation, your child must exit the water, he/she will not be permitted to stay in the water after the conclusion of the evaluation
  4. Follow-Up with Coach Brian
    • ​​After his/her tryout, Coach Brian will follow up via email with the recommended program/group for you child
    • In that follow up, he will include a start date and registration information
    • ATTENTION.......No athlete will be allowed in the water after their evaluation date without having officially registered online first.
  5. ​Register Your Swimmer Through the Online Portal
    • ​​The Online Registration Portal is found by clicking the “Year-Round Registration Portal" button on the homepage.   
    • Please follow the instructions to create your family account and register your swimmer for the group they were given during the evaluation
    • You will receive a Welcome Letter email from Team Administrator Jessica Barisano when your registration has been accepted



Cost for the Pre-Team:
There is no registration fee for the Pre-Team, only a $70 per month fee that is billed to your account.