Summer Splashes Fun Meets
Our Fun Meets include all particpants of Summer Splashes, regardless of practice location.  
Meet Dates:
June 9- Freestlye and Backstroke
June 23 - Freestyle and Breaststroke
July 21 - Championship Meet
Meet Times:
Fun Meets will typically adhere to the following timetable:
5:45 PM  Arrive at Frank Brown Park.  Change into your swimsuit if needed and locate your regular Coaches.  They will typically be in the field on the deep end side of the pool
6:00 PM Warm Ups Begin.  Swimmers will get used to the water and the pool for about 15 minutes to prepare for compeition
6:30 PM Competition begins with the first event listed on the heat sheet.  
8:00 PM Fun Meets typically last about 1-2 hours depending on the number of events being swum and how quickly swimmers are organized before their races


Meet Recommendations:
- We ask that the swimmers arrive at 5:00pm.  Traffic on the beach can be hard in the summertime, please plan to leave earlier in the event of heavy traffic.  We will gather the swimmers for a warmup at about 5:15pm.  We hope to go through everything with them and start the meet about 5:45pm.
- Frank Brown Park has limited seating around the competition side of the pool.  We suggest bringing folding chairs for comfort.  Please make sure to sit either on the east side of the pool at the deep end or behind the diving boards at the deep end of the pool.  Please do not sit directly behind where the swimmers will start their races as we will need their undivided attention.  You are welcome to take as many pictures as you like, but please do not take any from behind them as they are starting.
- The Ripples group will have a coach in the water every two lanes to assist them if needed.  Coaches will also keep the kids together in their groups and assist them in getting to the starting position for their races.
- All swimmers will start their races diving or jumping from the side of the pool (not the taller starting blocks).
- Be sure to bring sunscreen/sun protection!