Summer Splashes @ Mosley High School
This page is for Summer Splashes Participants who will be practicing at Mosley High School.  If you will be practicing at Frank Brown Park, check out the Summer Splashes @ Frank Brown Park Page!
Practice Schedule:
Morning Group
Tuesday-Friday from 9:00-10:00AM
Afternoon Group
Monday-Thursday 5:00-6:00PM
When registering you may select either morning or afternoon practices.  Due to numbers restrictions we will not be able to oblige any alternating practice schedules.  You must select one group, either Morning or Afternoon, and stay on that schedule for the duration of the program, NO EXCEPTIONS.
Swimmer Placements:
This program is designed for swimmers who are between the ages of 4 and 14 on the first day of the program (July 6)
In order to join Summer Splashes swimmers must be able to swim at least 25 yards unassisted 
***This is a change from our normal Summer Splashes program due to COIVD-19.  Our goal is to minimize physical contact between instructors and swimmers.  We feel that the safest environment for all parties would be one that requires minimal holding, as a result we will only be running the traditional Ripples and Splashes Groups***
Not sure if your child qualifies, or which program is best for them (Summer Splashes vs. Swim Lessons)?  
Feel free to attend one of our placement dates at Frank Brown Park.  No appointment is necessary.  Placements will require swimmers to enter the water so be sure to bring swim suit and goggles.  The entire placement process should take about 15 minutes
Dates TBA
A PCST coach will be stationed at the front gate of the Frank Brown Park pool to direct you as you arrive
Please Remember:
  • If you are unsure if your child should be Summer Splashes or Lessons please attend a Placement Trial to determine the appropriate program
  • Be sure to bring your suit and goggles!
  • The placement will only take about 5 minutes per swimmer.  Swimmers may arrive anytime during the hour long placement and may leave after their placement.   
Were you unable to join us for a placement?  
That's OK!  We do placements on the first day of practice if you were unable to make any of the early placement dates.  Make sure you tell your site director that your swimmer has not been placed yet so they can help guide you appropriately. 
Practices - Miscellaneous:
Use the following tips to help make the practices easier for you and your swimmer
  • The pool is located on the Mosley High School campus.  To access the pool, enter from Minnesota Ave.  See picture at the bottom of the page for more specific directions.  Please refrain from parking in spots reserved for MHS Coaches and Administrators.
  • Wear waterproof sunscreen!  The sun shines bright and there is no shade over the pool itself​
  • Long sleeve shirts are not recommended, as the extra fabric causes heavy drag.  The increased drag makes learning proper stroke mechanics more difficult for swimmers. 
  • Wear goggles: tinted goggles are highly recommended! SCUBA style masks or anything that covers the nose is NOT recommended
Inclement Weather
Summer Splashes will adhere to the PCST Inclement Weather Policy.  Please be sure to check your email before leaving for practice on days where inclement weather is likely.  If there is not an email explicitly cancelling practice, it is safe to assume that we will attempt to hold practice.
At MHS the Deck Supervisor will announce to all swimmers, coaches, and parents when conditions warrant exit from the pool.  When the pool is cleared for inclement weather, the deck must also be cleared.  Swimmers, coaches, and parents who are remaining will seek cover by the MHS gym.
For Summer Splashes we DO NOT offer make up practices