Coast Aquatics Update - Please Read!!!

brad kale
Coast Families;
This is an unprecedented time for the world and in turn for all swimming organizations and their members.  In response to what we have learned regarding the virus and the spread of it, we believe that we have come up with a very workable solution for our team going forward.  Their is a tremendous amount of information in this email so please read the entire email!!!!
1.   We will be cancelling our Spring Awards Banquet scheduled for April 5.  Coaches will still be naming two superlative awards from each of their respective groups.  We will post these prominently on the website to recognize the continued hard work, dedication, and achievement of our athletes.  We will also find a separate time to honor our high school seniors who will be moving on in the fall.  I will be putiing something in place for them and their families when it is deemed safe for us all to gather.
2.   I have posted an abbreviated training schedule below that we will begin at all sites on Monday March 30.  The impetus behind the schedule is to only have one training group in the pool at any given time. in order to comply with recommended social distancing.  Coaches will do their best to be creative to insure the safety of our athletes such as starting groups from opposite ends of the pool and spreading the group out as much as possible.  According to the CDC "there is no evidence that Covid-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools.  Proper maintenance and disinfection (chlorine / bromine) of pools should remove or inactivate the virus that causes Covid-19."  We are extremely fortunate that currently our facilities are still under operation and have had no issues.  
3.  In oder to get back to training while conitnuing to prevent the spread of this virus it is incumbent upon us to use good judgement.  If you or your athletes are feeling anything less than 100% please do not come to the pool for practice.  Swimmers will need to wear their suit to the pool and return home in their suit.  Locker rooms will be used for restroom purposes only!!  Parents are asked to drop swimmers off and pick them up.  No parents will be allowed to stay on the deck during practice.  You can wait in your car in the parking lot if it is needed in your circumstances.  Swimmers are encouraged to avoid random contact with their team mates such as hand shakes and high fives.  
4.  Due to a reduction of time in the water, not to mention the other financial hardships that this crisis has caused we will be reducing fees for the month of April 10-15%  Monthly payers will see a 15% discount on their dues and semi-annual payers will receive a 10% discount on their training fees.  Keep in mind that as a team we will still have all of the same operational costs that we normally have such as facility rental, coaches salaries, etc.  Our coaching staff is going to do everything possible to keep your swimmers involved and engaged during this time.  Coaches will begin next week sending dry land workouts and other activities that swimmers can take advantage of during this last week out of the pool.  Check out the these free options including Free Yoga for Swimmers, Swim Specific Yoga, Dryland for Swimmers, and Keep Kids in Motion.  In addition many of us learn best when we watch the great swimmers from today and the past.  During your time out of the water instead of searching youtuble for funny memes use the time to educate yourself on swimming technique.  You are all familiar with Michael Phelps, Caleb Dressell, and Katie Ledecky but I would encourage you to go back and watch the flawless freestyle technique of Alexander Popov or the beautiful grace of Matt Biondi, Janet Evans, or Mary T Meagher.  Use this time out of the water to reaffirm your passion for being in it!!!!
5.  The schedule below is assuming that all facilities remain operational.  If one or multiple facilities close we will adjust as necessary.  Please pay close attention to the Coast website and your remind account for any changes.  We are asking that swimmers only swim in practices in their "home" pool and group.  A coach reserves the right to not grant admittance to a swimmer who is not usually in their group or may appear to be under the weather in any way.  You will see that the Senior group is divided into two groups because of the size of the group and its athletes as well as it is the only group which does not operate out of multiple locations.  Coach Brad will email group assignments for Seniors and these are not based on perhaps splitting the group in the future.  This is strictly to accommodate our swimmers during this time.
Bernie Lefebvre  Center
Mon-Wed-Fri      400-515 pm Age Group          515-600 pm Novice
Tue-Thu             400-600 pm Senior 1
Destin Aquatic Center 
Mon-Wed-Fri     330-530 pm Senior 2
Tue-Thu             330-445 pm Age Group          445-530 pm Novice
Saturday            700-845 am Senior 2              845-1030 am Senior 1
Bluewater Woodlands
Mon - Thu          330-530 pm Junior
Tue-Thu-Fri        530-630 pm Age Group 
Hurlburt Pool
Mon - Thu          400-600 pm Junior
Thank you for your time and your continued dedication to Coast and to the sport of swimming!!  If you have questions or concerns please contact your group coach or you can reach me at
Coach Brad