Spring Registration

Open for Returning Members

2/20/23 - 4/30/23

Open for New Members

2/20/23 - 4/30/23

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Long Course 2023

Please carefully read all registration material to ensure you have registered for the correct groups and updated all required information.

The Southern Waters Aquatic Team (SWAT) is a USA Swimming-affiliated team that offer:

  • Excellent instruction for swimmers ages 4 and older
  • Training for all swimmers -  novice to advanced
  • Opportunitites to compete in meets (Depending on Availability)
  • A fantastic way to combine fun, fitness, and friends.


How to Join Our Team

  • Team Manual
  • All registration, meets fees, etc. are paid through Team Unify.
  • Measure for swimsuit and T-shirt size
  • Team swim cap
  • ​Verify your "Team Unify" account (email and Text(phone carrier)

​Planning for practice:

  • Practice swimsuit / team gear
  • Goggles, goggles, goggles (buy a couple of pairs)
  • Swim cap
  • Bag for wet stuff after practice
  • Towel
  • Soap, shampoo, extra towel (if showering after practice)

​FEES (click links to register)

  1. USA Swimming Membership --- Sign up for Premium Athlete
  2. Fairhope City Pool Membership

​Spring Session: March 1st - May 

Look at the team calendar for meet schedule and no practices that might be schedule.


Level 1: Beginning-level competitive swimmers must be able to swim 50 yards of Freestyle and Backstroke. Ages 4-11

Practice Time: Monday-Thursday @ 5:15 -  6:00 pm 

Want to receive text messages? Level 1 enter this number 81010 with this message @level1swim


Level 2: Intermediate-level competitive swimmers. Must be able to swim 200 yards of Freestyle and Backstroke. Ages 8-15

Practice Time: Monday-Thursday @ 6:00 - 7:00 pm

Want to receive text messages? Level 2 enter this number 81010 with this message @level2swim


Level 3: Advanced Competitive Swimmers. Ages 12-18

Practice Time: Monday-Friday @ 3:30 - 5:15 pm

Want to receive text messages? Level 3 enter this number 81010 with this message @level3swim

** We reserve the right to cancel/combine practice time if a minimum number of simmers are not registered. You will be able to switch to a different practice time or refund your fee if practice sessions are canceled due to low registration.


Prices for season: (2 Payments if paying by check)

              1st Payment     2nd Payment     Full Payment

Level 1:         $150                 $150                  $300

Level 2:         $187.50            $187.50             $375

Level 3:         $225                 $225                  $450

**If paying by check, make it out to ESPAF

NO Refunds


Want to go to the SES Long Course Championship Meet?? Check out the qualifying times!


We are excited to have you join the Swim Family!

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