Collegiate Alumni Swimmers

This is a list of swimmers who graduated from our GPAC program and swam at the collegiate level.  Current collegiate swimmers are on the Current College Swimmers page.


* Denotes Olympian

Bold Text Denotes Hall of Fame Inductee

Chris Barfield - Ohio University
Rob Bassett - United States Naval Academy
John Black - Auburn University
John Boykin - Darton College
John Brazzell - Daytona Beach Community College
Gwen Clark - University of Southern California
Alexandra Colley - University of Tampa
Cydney Colley - Springhill College
Emily Colley - University of Pittsburg
Margaret Colley - Florida State University
Celine Coleman - University of West Florida
Ryan Crisco - Delta State University
Sophia Diagne - Indian River State College
Dawn Dixon - Daytona Beach Community College
Chris Donahue - Western Kentucky University
Mary Beth Eckerlein - Auburn University
Morgan Farrell - University of Tennessee
Brooke Ferrara - University of West Florida
Jim Frische - University of Southern Mississippi
Margaret Fox - Florida State University
Brandon Funk - Boston University
Ryan Funk - Kenyon College
Christine Galbavy - California Berkley
John Galloway - University of Miami
Donald Gibb - Daytona Beach Community College & University of Florida
Alex Gillespie - University of Louisiana, Monroe
Scott Griffith - Delta State University
Ross Gunn - Florida Atlantic University
Keith Haden - Daytona Beach Community College
Loren Hansen - Florida State University
Andrea Hayes* - University of Texas ~
Article about Andrea's induction to Texas Athletics Hall of Honor
William Henderson- Florida Atlantic University

Paul Hilbert - Tulane University
Luke Johnson - Marist University
Kathy Knor - University of Florida
Jimmy Lagana - West Point & University of Southern Mississippi
Doug Lister - Daytona Beach Community College
Stephanie Lister - Daytona Beach Community College
Austin Lee - Loyola University Maryland
Anna Jordan Luth- Birmingham Southern College

Jenna Luth - Birmingham Southern College
Kevin Lynch - Daytona Beach Community College
Maddie Macfarlane - United States Naval Academy
Zoe Macfarlane - United States Naval Academy
Wayne Mattair - Daytona Beach Community College
Flora McConnell - Tulane University
Blake McKinney - Florida Atlantic University
Gena McKinney - Daytona Beach Community College
Jennifer Molchan - Vanderbilt University
Stephanie Molchan - Emory University
Devon Moses - Florida A&M University
Brianna Mount - Air Force Academy
Steffen Mount - Air Force Academy
Matt Myers - Penn State University
Mike Murphy - Daytona Beach Community College
Patrick Murphy - Temple University
Haley Nicholson - University of Miami
Michala Nowak - Florida Atlantic University
Quoc-Nam Nguyen - Air Force Academy
Tatiana Oberly - Air Force Academy
Caroline Page - Florida State University
Laura Pate - Florida State University
Brad Pearson - Merchant Marine Academy
Danniel Penniman - University of Florida
Nicholas Petruska - St Leo University
Nancy Rahn - Daytona Beach Community College
Amy Rogers - Louisiana State University
Katie Ronan - Florida State University
Brian Sanborn - Rollins College
Heidi Schellin - Air Force Academy
Grace Sill- Florida Southern University
Jennifer Smith - Florida State University
Bryceon Snowman - Bridgewater State University
Todd Stalnaker - Daytona Beach Community College & University of Florida
Dana Tanner - Louisiana State University
Bailee Tate - University of West Florida
Nate Thomas - Purdue University
Jack Tona - Darton College
Mel Tucker - Auburn University
Patrick Ward - Saint Louis University
Liz Waters - Florida State University
Jerry Watson - Tulane University
Daniel Watters* - University of Texas
Olivia Weekley - Arkansas University
Renee Wittendorfer - Auburn University
Hanna Willis - Delta State University
Liam Winans- Valparaiso University
Nevada Wood- Florida State University
Charlie Young - Vassar College
Thomas Young - Sewanee University

Coaches in The Hall of Fame
Steve Bultman*
  - American Swim Coaches Association Hall of Fame (2015) Information




One swimmer who was inducted into the Hall of Fame asked to be removed.