Welcome to GPAC!

Our swimming program has been developed to provide the conditions that will appeal to swimmers of all age groups and competitive levels. We are a year-round club offering the highest quality instruction, training, and competition to people of all ages and abilities. GPAC firmly believes that the dedication, determination, and discipline required in swimming contribute in a very positive way to the personal development of each swimmer.

In addition to our year-round swim club, we offer swimming lessons, masters program, clinics, and summer league. For additional information on these programs, head over to our “Programs” and “Swim Lessons” tabs on the main page.


  1. Do I have to tryout? No. We hold swimmer evaluations to help us place swimmers into appropriate practice groups.
  2. What are the practice times? We hold practices Monday-Saturday at either PSC or UWF. Depending on your swimmer's training group will determine the exact practice time but typically middle-schoolers and below practice between 3:15-6:30/7:00 pm (ranging in 45 mins-2 hours lengths). High-schoolers have a couple of options with either morning practices before school or after-school practice (3:45-5:30pm)
  3. What if I’m involved in other sports? Some of our swimmers are involved in other activities and we love that! Many of our training groups offer practice several days a week but the attendance requirement is flexible.
  4. Are meets held every weekend? No, and it is up to you how many meets you enter based on your schedule; however, most of our swimmers attend a meet once a month.
  5. Is there a lot of travel involved? Many of our meets are held in Pensacola at UWF. Although we do offer the opportunity for travel to other areas, all are optional.
  6. Where are practices held? Practices are held at either Pensacola State College or University of West Florida.
  7. May I join anytime? Yes, you may join the team anytime throughout the year.
  8. What is the cost? The cost is based on your training group and your participation in swim meets.
  9. Who does the coaching and what are their certifications? We have an experienced staff of coaches who love what they do. They are all certified through USA Swimming.

If you have further questions about joining our team please follow this link to our contacts page to see contact information for our staff (also available by clicking on the contacts tab on the home page). See you in the water!!!! 

Welcome Letter

Parent Code of Conduct

USA Swimming Transfer Form

2021-2022 GPAC Financial Policies


Upon Registration there are several policies that you will need to agree to in order to be a part of the team.  Many of these are mandated by our governing body, USA Swimming.  By participating in GPAC you are agreeing to abide by all policies of GPAC.   This is a link to our policies page for you to review prior to registration.