Swimmers showcase improved swims at Winter Invite

Greg Johnson
Jan 24, 2019

              The GPAC team started 2019 off tremendously with a solid team win against some great competition at the Winter Invitational held at UWF January 18-20. The swimmers held off visiting Florida team ATAC in both the boys and girls, while posting 64% life-best times.

               GPAC boasted two high-point winners at the meet, with Landon Garica winning the title for the 9-10-year-old boys and Jaydah Phelan winning the award for the 11-12 girls’ age group.

               Garica, 10, nearly had a sweep of event wins with eight individual first-place finishes out of nine races. Landon posted two new ‘AA’ times in his 50 and 500-yd freestyles and set a new Age Group Sectional cut in the 200-yd freestyle.

               In a very close contest, William McNally, 10, finished just behind Garcia in the point standings. McNally had one of the biggest meets of his 10-year-old career, with eight new life-best times and three individual event wins. William set four new ‘A’ times (50, 100 bk, 100 fly, 100 IM), two new Southeastern (SES) qualifying times (100 bk, 100 free) and his first-ever Age Group Sectional qualifying times in the 50 and 100-yd backstroke.

               Jaydah Phelan, 12, won four individual events and placed in the top-three in six other events to garner the high-point award for her age group. She knocked over two seconds off her 200-yd freestyle for a new best time that was also a bonus qualifying time for Southeasterns.

               Along with these award winners, GPAC had ten other swimmers win events at the meet including Megan Corcoran, 13, who won the 50 and 100-yd butterfly and the 400-yd IM, Sara Gray,11, who won the 100-yd breaststroke, Landry Hadder, 14 (200 Br), Claire Han, 14 (200 fr), William Henderson, 16 (50 bk), Noah Jacobs, 10 (100 br), Makayla Ludwick, 17 (50 bk, 500, 1000 fr), Walker Parra, 17 (400 IM), Logan Robinson, 12 (50, 100 br, 200, 1000 fr), and Cali Wilson, 17 (100 IM).

               The GPAC team of nearly 130 swimmers saw 96% of them earn at least one life-best time at the meet. Of these swimmers, the following swam life-best times in all their individual events: Reed Bellar, 7, AT Bridgers, 11, Nathan Connors, 10, Paige Connors, 16, Trinity Devanney, 15, Ty Dunlap, 14, Jackson Gehrke, 12, Sara Gray, 11, Lily Green, 13, Elisa Johnson, 10, Lucas Kervin, 14, Amelia Mayer, 9, Clara Powell, 10, Abby Robinson, 10, Hudson Trammell, 14, and Emma Wortman, 14.

               With the season winding down to just two meets before the Southeastern championships in Huntsville, GPAC had 14 swimmers account for 24 new Southeastern qualifying times over the weekend. Congratulations to Landry Hadder (50 fr), Claire Han (200 br), Noah Jacobs (500 fr), Makayla Ludwick (200 fly), Maren Mackey, 15 (1000 fr, 200 fly), Ian Malone, 11 (50, 200, 500 fr, 100 IM), William McNally, Aiden Morgan, 15 (200 fly), Logan Robinson (50 br), Jack Rowell, 15 (1000 fr), Tanker Speck, 16 (50 fr, 100, 200 br, 400 IM), Lily Walker, 10 (50 fly), Cali Wilson (100, 200 bk), and Emma Wortman (1000 fr, 100 bk).

               A total of 13 GPAC swimmers swam times fast enough to qualify them for the sectional-level meets that the team will be traveling to this spring. Congratulations to these swimmers: Landon Garcia, Landry Hadder (200 br), Claire Han (1000 fr, 200 br, 400 IM), Renee Henderson, 16 (1000 fr), Braedan Jacobs, 12 (50 fr, 100 bk, 100 IM, 1000 fr), Max Little, 11 (200 br), Makayla Ludwick (200 fly), Maren Mackey (1000 fr, 100 bk), William McNally, Aiden Morgan (200 fly, 100 bk), Logan Robinson (1000 fr, 100 IM, 50 br), Jack Rowell, 15 (1000 fr), Tanker Speck (100 br, 200 fly, 400 IM), and Emma Wortman (100 bk).

               Congratulations to these swimmers who set new motivational time standards at the meet:

B:           Julianne Adams, Paige Bridges, Xander Brown, Nathan Connors, Ty Dunlap, Graeson Garcia, Logan Gonzales, Lilu Green, Isabel Harris, JoJo Harris, Josh Hartig, Jr., Jack Hebert, Lucas Kervin, Kouper Kraus, Jordan LaBryer, Lauren Logan, Brina Loos, Bailee Luciano, Rylee Maiorino, Linden Mason, Owen Mayer, Kiley Menser, Korbin Menser, Emma O’Neill, Clara Powell, Olivia Quale, Kat Ralls, Ian Ramirez de Arellano, Abby Robinson, Cain Scoggins, Ani Sekhon, Colin Shelton, Lily Stockton, Coulson Voeltz, Laurel Kate Voeltz, Jameson Walker, Avery Witte

BB:         Paige Bridges, Xander Brown, Jaysa Ciccone, Gracie Fountain, Graeson Garcia, Sara Gray, Lily Green, Isabel Harris, Josh Hartig, Jr., Jack Hebert, Noah Jacobs, Lucas Kervin, Jordan LaBryer, Max Little, Bella Loos, Ian Malone, Alexandra McCreary, Belle McNally, Kiley Menser, Emma O’Neill, Kat Ralls, Lindsey Rauscher, Abby Robinson, Brianna Smith, Caroline Smith, Lily Stockton, Jordan Stull, Hudson Trammell, Laurel Kate Voeltz, Jameson Walker

A:           Braden Barkley, Taylor Clements, Paige Connors, Megan Corcoran, Trinity Devanney, Sara Gray, Braedan Jacobs, Noah Jacobs, Max Little, Kyle Longley, Sara Lypko, Ian Malone, William McNally, Aiden Morgan, Logan Robinson, Jack Rowell, Noah Scoggins, Shelby Smith, Lily Walker, Liam Winans

AA:         Braden Barkley, Paige Connors, Landon Garcia, Landry Hadder, Claire Han, Braedan Jacobs, Maren Mackey, Aiden Morgan, Logan Robinson, Tanker Speck, James Tracey, Hudson Trammell, Jameson Walker, Liam Winans, Emma Wortman

AAA:      Claire Han, Braedan Jacobs, Jack Rowell, Tanker Speck

               The team makes a quick turn-around to head out on the road the very next weekend after this meet, and then looks to the Region IV championships which GPAC will host at UWF.