Three award winners plus more new best times at Flip Flop

Greg Johnson
May 8, 2019

The beginning of May found the GPAC swimmers making more progress toward new best times and Southeastern qualifying cuts, as the long course season started its second month, and the team swam at home at UWF in the 2019 Flip Flop Invitational. Almost three out of every four swims was a new best time for the team, and three swimmers won the high-point award for the inverted age groups at the meet.

               Starting with the youngest, Lane Robinson, 6, won the high-point award for the 7-and-under age group. Lane won all five of his individual events and set best times in four of them. Lane also set three new ‘B’ times (50 fly, 50 bk, 50 fr), which is very impressive considering that these time standard levels are for all swimmers aged 10 and younger.

               Callie Harris, 9, won her second high-point award this year, as she swept first place in six out of her seven individual events. Callie set a new personal best time in her 50m fly and 100m free, which was also a new ‘B’ time for her.

               Avery Witte, 11, was the high-point winner for the girls’ 10-11 year-old age group. Avery swam a massive 10-event program at the meet and won half of them while setting new personal best times in seven of them. She dropped nearly 20 seconds alone on her 100m butterfly, which was a new ‘B’ time for her. She also set a new ‘BB’ time in her 200m free and a new ‘A’ time in the 100m free.

               Although she did not compete in as many events at the high point winner in her age group to win the award, Megan Corcoran, 13, won all six of her individual events at the meet. In her 1500m freestyle debut, Megan set a new ‘AA’ time, and she set a new ‘A’ time in her 200m breaststroke race.

               Two swimmers for GPAC came in as age group high point runners-up in the 10-11 age group, both winning the second-highest number of events. Sara Gray, 11, claimed five blue ribbons out of her eight races. She won the 50 fly, 50 back and swept both the 50 and 100m breaststrokes as well as the 200m IM. She went on to set six new life-best times.

               Ian Malone, 11, was just a few points shy of winning the high-point award for the boys, as he won five individual events as well, and placed second in three others. He set four new personal best times, including a new ‘A’ time in his 50m fly.

               Landry Hadder, Aiden Morgan, Emma Wortman, all 14, split for the next most individual wins over the weekend. Hadder won both distance freestyle races and the 200m backstroke, while Aiden won the 200m free, 200m breaststroke and 200m fly. Emma won the 400m IM, 200m breaststroke and 200m fly. Emma also set a new ‘AAA’ time in her 400m IM.

               Jack Rowell, 15, also came in for three individual event wins, sweeping the weekend’s “triple crown” events: 1500m free, 800m free and 400m IM.

               The other GPAC swimmers who were tops in individual races were Graeson Garcia, 9, Landon Garcia, 10, Claire Han, 14, Renee Henderson, 16, William Henderson, 16, Kouper Kraus, 11, Nicholas Lypko, 7, Logan Robinson, 12, James Tracey, 17, Lex Vaughn, 12, and Cali Wilson, 17.

               Having finished just the third meet of the season, the GPAC team is well on its way to having a sizable squad representing at the summer’s Southeastern Championship in Huntsville in July. Eighteen swimmers posted 28 new Southeastern cuts at the meet: Jaysa Ciccone, 10 (50 bk), Taylor Clements, 10 (200 fr, 100 fly), Megan Corcoran (1500 fr), Graeson Garcia (50 bk, 100 br), Sara Gray (50 br, 50 bk), Claire Han (200 br, 200 fly), Jack Hebert, 12 (50, 100 bk, 100 br, 200 IM), Kevin Herr, 12 (200 IM), Braedan Jacobs, 13 (200 bk), Noah Jacobs, 10 (200 fr), Kouper Kraus (100 fly), William McNally, 10 (200 fr), Korbin Menser, 14 (200 br), Jackson O’Neill, 10 (50 bk), Cain Scoggins, 11 (50 fly), Tanker Speck, 17 (50 fr, 100 br, 200 fr), Lily Stockton, 15 (200 bk), and Lily Walker, 10 (100 fr, 100 br).

               A combination of first-time swims in addition to individual improvement across many events had 39 swimmers—35 % of the team—post all life-best times in all their individual events at the meet. Congratulations to Marin Bograd, 11, AT Bridgers, 11, Paige Bridges, 15, Sophia Bridges, 8, Xander Brown, 15, Tatum Carlsrud, 10, Asher Chapla, 9, Ty Dunlap, 15, Landon Garcia, Ella Jane Hoffmaster, 14, Braedan Jacobs, Oliver Johnson, 9, Lucas Kervin, 14, Kouper Kraus, Connor Kughn, 15, Reena Lin, 11, Kyle Longley, 15, Bailee Luciano, 12, Nicholas Lypko, Amelia Mayer, 9, Belle McNally, 12, Brandon Miller, 11, Jennifer Mims, 12, Lizzie Molchan, 16, Jaydah Phelan, 12, Brandon Pieretti, 12, Clara Powell, 11, Abby Robinson, 11, Dean Schultz, 8, Cain Scoggins, Caroline Smith, 11, Tanker Speck, Lily Stockton, Jordan Stull, 13, Hannah Trammell, 11, Hudson Trammell, 14, Jayson Tran, 14, Coulson Voeltz, 12, and Laurel Kate Voeltz, 15.

               The following swimmers posted new motivational times at the meet:

B:           Asher Bograd, Paige Bridges, Xander Brown, Tatum Carlsrud, Jaysa Ciccone, Ty Dunlap, Cason Forst, Alexa Fountain, Graeson Garcia, Lily Green, Aidan Hall, Callie Harris, JoJo Harris, Jack Hebert, Davis Hobbs, Lucas Kervin, Kouper Kraus, Lauren Logan, Bailee Luciano, Rylee Maiorino, Owen Mayer, Belle McNally, Korbin Menser, Jennifer Mims, Lizzie Molchan, Emma O’Neill, Jackson O’Neill, Olivia Quale, Abby Robinson, Lane Robinson, Cain Scoggins, Colin Shelton, Brianna Smith, Shelby Smith, Lily Stockton, Jordan Stull, Hudson Trammell, Lex Vaughn, Coulson Voeltz, Avery Witte, Landis Wood

BB:         Jaysa Ciccone, Taylor Clements, Gracie Fountain, Graeson Garcia, Sara Gray, Lily Green, JoJo Harris, Jack Hebert, Kevin Herr, Braedan Jacobs, Lucas Kervin, Kouper Kraus, Max Little, Kyle Longley, Kaylee Loper, Bailee Luciano, Owen Mayer, Belle McNally, Kiley Menser, Korbin Menser, Jennifer Mims, Jaydah Phelan, Olivia Quale, Kat Ralls, Jack Rowell, Cain Scoggins, Colin Shelton, Brianna Smith, Shelby Smith, Lily Stokton, James Tracey, Hudson Trammell, Lex Vaughn, Coulson Voeltz, Laurel Kate Voeltz, Jameson Walker, Lily Walker, Liam Winans, Avery Witte

A:           Braden Barkley, Taylor Clements, Megan Corcoran, Sara Gray, Landry Hadder, Claire Han, Kevin Herr, Braedan Jacobs, Max Little, Ian Malone, Aiden Morgan, Jaydah Phelan, Logan Robinson, Tanker Speck, Lily Stockton, Jameson Walker, Lily Walker, Liam Winans, Avery Witte

AA:         Taylor Clements, Megan Corcoran, Landon Garcia, Claire Han, Renee Henderson, Kevin Herr, William McNally, Logan Robinson, Tanker Speck

AAA:      Kevin Herr, Emma Wortman

               Special congratulation to Landon Garcia who posted the first ‘AAAA’ time this season for the team. He dropped two seconds in his 100m breaststroke to earn the highest-level motivational time.

               The team now takes a few weeks to prepare for the busiest meet this summer—GPAC’s own Tom Lalor Invitational, which will be held at UWF May 31-June 2. Over 600 swimmers are expected to attend this very fast meet.