GPAC swimmers make strides at Lalor meet

Gregory Johnson

GPAC swimmers make strides at Lalor meet


               Marking the official beginning of summer for the GPAC team, the Tom Lalor Invitational swim meet made its return to the UWF aquatic center for the first time since 2019 on June 4-6. GPAC boasted nearly 100 swimmers and took the team title along with four individual high point winners.

               “It was great to be able to host this meet again,” said head coach Greg Johnson. “This meet has always drawn great competition from around the region, and has always been known for being a very competitive meet.”

               This year featured swimmers from across the Gulf coast, Louisiana and Oklahoma. Among these teams, GPAC had four swimmers earn the high-point winner award for their age group.

               Once again, 8-year-old Lane Robinson proved to be the best in his age group at the meet, scoring the most points with his five event victories and his pair of second-place finishes. Lane swam four new personal best times and set a new ‘A’ time and Southeastern championship (SES) qualifying time in the 200m freestyle. Lane also won his age group earlier in May at the Flip Flop Invitational.

               GPAC’s Ian Malone and Lex Vaughn swept the 13-14 age group’s high-point awards. Malone, 13, won five events and placed no lower than third in any of his 12 events over the weekend, and posted new life-best times in 10 of them. Ian set three new SES cuts (200 fly, 200 bk, 200 br) and one new ‘AA’ time (100 fly) and two new ‘A’ times.

               Lex Vaughn, 14, swam a tremendous meet, dropping time in all 12 of her events and winning the 50m backstroke. Lex swam a new ‘AA’ time in her 50m freestyle and set two other new ‘A’ times (100 fr, 200 IM).

               For the 15-and-over age group, GPAC’s Claire Han, 16, came through with the high-point win. Claire swept the wins in the 100, 200 and 400-meter freestyles and was runner-up in the 50m free. She swam three new life-best times, set a new SES cut in the 100m butterfly, and achieved a new ‘AAA’ time in the 200m IM.

               Other individual event winners for GPAC included Lila Brock, 12, Ella Freeman, 16, Landry Hadder, 17, Max Little, 14, Jack Rowell, 17, and Emma Wortman, 16.

               Taylor Clements, 12, in her last meet as a 12-year-old won the 50m fly as well as the 50m breaststroke, and set a new team record in the latter, erasing the mark from 2009.

               This meet marks the fifth meet this season for the team, and many swimmers continued to improve their times and swim personal bests in all their contested events. Congratulations to these swimmers who posted all life-best times at the meet: Addison Adams, 7, Reed Bellar, 9, Zach Kim, 13, Ward O’Brien, 15, Claire Perez, 12, Brandon Pieretti, 14, Logan Robinson, 15, Liza Tapia, 10, Hudson Trammell, 16, Kaylee Trentham, 12, Grace Walen, 10, Elah West, 12, Landis Wood, 14, and Christopher Zuniga, 12.

               GPAC also had 21 swimmers add 35 new SES qualifying swims, including Noah Day, 16, Isabel Harris, 18, Audrey Turner, 12, and Grace Walen, who posted their first-ever Southeastern championship cut! Swimmers who posted new cuts included Lila Brock, Marcela Dos Santos, 9, Ella Freeman, Landon Garcia, 12, Braedan Jacobs, 15, Noah Jacobs, 12, Max Little, Ian Malone, Xavi Melendez, 10, Emma O’Neill, 16, Jackson O’Neill, 12, Lane Robinson, Logan Robinson, William Shoesmith, 12, Hudson Trammell, and Lily Walker, 12.

               Along with these swimmers, many swimmers posted new motivational times at the meet. Congratulations to these new standard breakers:

B:           Callie Harris, Drew Henry, Addison Lee, Bailee Luciano, David McCright, Maddox McKian, Xavi Melendez, Ward O’Brien, Jackson O’Neill, Claire Perez, Emmet Perez, Brandon Pieretti, Clara Powell, Olivia Quale, Hugo Reyes, Abby Robinson, Klara Shoesmith, Victoria Sipperly, Ari Stuckey, Hannah Su, Liza Tapia, Kaylee Trentham, Audrey Turner, Landis Wood, Christopher Zuniga

BB:         Reed Bellar, Graeson Garcia, Isabelle Garcia, Callie Harris, Josephine Harris, Drew Henry, Noah Jacobs, Kouper Kraus, Jordan LaBryer, Kaylee Loper, Bailee Luciano, Ian Malone, Maddox McKian, Belle McNally, Xavi Melendez, Kiley Menser, Ward O’Brien, Emma O’Neill, Olivia Quale, Abby Robinson, Cain Scoggins, William Shoesmith, Ari Stuckey, Kaylee Trentham, Audrey Turner, Coulson Voeltz, Landis Wood, Jordana Wright, Christopher Zuniga

A:           Taylor Clements, Noah Day, Marcela Dos Santos, Landon Garcia, Jack Hebert, Braedan Jacobs, Max Little, Ian Malone, Korbin Menser, Ward O’Brien, Jaydah Phelan, Lane Robinson, Logan Robinson, Cain Scoggins, Noah Scoggins, William Shoesmith, Hudson Trammell, Audrey Turner, Lex Vaughn, Jameson Walker

AA:         Lila Brock, Landon Garcia, Aidan Hall, Claire Han, Isabel Harris, Kevin Herr, Braedan Jacobs, Max Little, Ian Malone, Jaydah Phelan, Logan Robinson, Shelby Smith, Lily Stockton, Hudson Trammell, Lex Vaughn

AAA:      Lila Brock, Taylor Clements, Aidan Hall, Claire Han, Braedan Jacobs, Logan Robinson, Jack Rowell

               The team’s regular season will be punctuated at the end of June at the UWF aquatic center at the “Summer Finale Invitational,” where more great teams from across the region and the country are expected to come to Pensacola to compete. Then after that, the currently 40-member GPAC team will head to Nashville, TN to race at the Southeastern Swimming championships July 16-18.