Team kicks off 2021-22 season at time trials

Gregory Johnson

Team kicks off 2021-22 season at time trials


               A new short course season for the GPAC team was ushered in with the team tradition of new uniforms, a team photo and the biannual team time trials at the UWF aquatic center on September 28.

               “It was exciting to see so many returning team members, as well as so many new ones,” said team head coach Greg Johnson. “We were glad to be back at UWF for this event and be able to see the swimmers race in this team meet.”

               Nearly 100 swimmers participated in the team time trials, and swimmers both new and returning achieved new personal best times, as well as new motivational time standards. The swimmers posted nearly 70% best times in all their events.

               Congratulations to these swimmers who posted life-best times in all their events at the meet: Thomas Andrews, 11, Ben Ashford, 14, Marcela Dos Santos, 9, Adelei Elzwig, 10, Zander English, 11, Aiden Finch, 14, Liam Finch, 11, Isla Fox, 9, Graeson Garcia, 11, Isabelle Garcia, 13, Aidan Hall, 12, Drew Henry, 14, Davis Hobbs, 13, Noah Jacobs, 12, Kouper Kraus, 13, Addison Lee, 14, Troy Lee, 14, Nicholas Lypko, 9, Maddox McKian, 10, Emma McLaughlin, 10, Ava McMellon, 13, Haleigh Mishoe, 10, Ellie Nissim, 13, Naomi Parker, 13, Arthur Phillips, 9, Axel Phillips, 8, Marie Prestwood, 11, Rayce Rosenberg, 14, Boone Sanborn, 12, Rowan Schwartz, 10, Bri Smith, 14, Erin Smith, 13, Kaylee Trentham, 13, Carson Van Why, 10, Grace Walen, 10, Jameson Walker, 16, and Chris Zuniga, 12.

               Adding to the list of personal best times and new time standard achievements were these swimmers, who started their seasons with new motivational times:

B:           Ben Ashford, Brandon Carney, Jaysa Ciccone, Noah Day, Adelei Elzwig, Aiden Finch, Isabelle Garcia, Drew Henry, Kouper Kraus, Nicholas Lypko, David McCright, Maddox McKian, Ward O’Brien, Emmet Perez, Stella Petrosino, Arthur Phillips, Parker Proffitt, Abby Robinson, Rowan Schwartz, AJ Stuckey, Kaylee Trentham, Stella Vail, Grace Walen, Jameson Walker, Rigby Whiteley, Ryder Whiteley, Chris Zuniga

BB:         Lauren Armstrong, Jaysa Ciccone, Noah Day, Marcela Dos Santos, Graeson Garcia, Drew Henry, Braedan Jacobs, Noah Jacobs, Kouper Kraus, Korbin Menser, Jaydah Phelan, Axel Phillps, Parker Proffitt, Lane Robinson, Rowan Schwartz, AJ Stuckey, Hudson Trammell, Audrey Turner, Grace Walen, Jameson Walker, Lily Walker, Chris Zuniga

A:           Taylor Clements, Marcela Dos Santos, Aidan Hall, Braedan Jacobs, Noah Jacobs, Max Little, Korbin Menser, Hudson Trammell

AA:         Aidan Hall

               Time standards for the Southeastern Swimming championships in February will be announced in a couple weeks, so it is a little early to announce what swimmers may have already qualified for this meet. Looking forward to mid-September, the team is preparing for the next competitions on the road in Panama City Beach, Biloxi and Auburn before returning to UWF in November for the big home meet.