Fifteen swimmers honored with All-Star status

Gregory Johnson

Fifteen swimmers honored with All-Stat status

               The second-highest number of GPAC 14-and-under swimmers in over 10 years were named to the Southeastern Swimming All-Star team, as announced by the times coordinator last week. Fifteen swimmers earned the honor and represented each age group from eight-and-under to 13-14.

               “It is always exciting to see the All-Star team list posted each September,” said Coach Nathan Smith. “The swimmers who are willing to try new and longer events are very often rewarded with the honor of the all-star designation. This was certainly the case this year. Congratulations to our team’s All-Stars!”

               For the 2020-21 short course (SCY) season, 12 athletes were on the list, with two swimmers earning recognition in two age group categories.

Graeson Garcia, 11, earned his first appointment to the list with the top IMX score for 9-10 boys, and also his time in the 1000-yd freestyle for the 11-12 age group. Ian Malone, 13, made his sixth consecutive appointment to the team with eight top times in the LSC while still a 12-year-old, and the top IMX score for his first year as a 13-year-old.

Along with these two, Lane Robinson, now 9, earned his second consecutive appointment to the team as an eight-year-old, posting four of the top times from Region 4 championships.

Winning an individual event at the Southeastern Swimming championships back in February helped Lila Brock, 12, Taylor Clements, 13, Braedan Jacobs, 15, and Logan Robinson, 15, earn a spot on the all-star team this year.

Landon Garcia, 13, earned his fifth consecutive all-star status with his performances in the middle-distance events, posting consideration times in the 1000-yd free, 200-yd butterfy and 200-yd breaststroke. Max Little, 14, also earned another year’s accolades with his performances across several events as he posted the second-best IMX score for his age group.

Earning their first-ever all-star team recognition, Marcela Dos Santos, now 9, posted top-five times in eight different events in her last bouts as an eight-year-old, and Lily Walker, now 13, earned a berth with a top-five time in the 200-yd butterfly.

For the long course (LCM) season, GPAC boasted 13 swimmers to the all-star list.

Taylor Clements and Lane Robinson earned recognition again for the summer, as they both aged up during the season but posted times good enough to earn recognition in two age groups.

Lila Brock, Marcela Dos Santos, Landon Garcia, Max Little, Ian Malone, Logan Robinson and Lily Walker all earned double honors with their performances in the long course season.

Making their first-ever appointment to the all-star team was Aidan Hall, 12, Belle McNally, 14, Olivia Quale, 12, and Jordana Wright, 10. Hall posted top-five times in both the 50 and 100-meter breaststroke events, while Belle McNally scored her IMX events. Olivia braved the 800-meter freestyle during the season and posted a top-five time in that event, and Jordana joined many of the GPAC team on the list with a top-five IMX score to make the list.

The SES All-Star team honors those 14 & under swimmers whose times rank in the top five in any of the events in which there is an LSC record. They also select swimmers who rank in the top five for their IMX events score. Any Southeastern champion is also an automatic qualification for the team. GPAC is proud of our age group swimmers who continue to show up on the list of the best swimmers in the LSC!