Dos Santos wins high-point in Destin

Gregory Johnson

Coast Aquatics Rick Byers Invitational

Swimmers traveled to Destin Florida from October 8-9 to compete at the second meet of the year! The coaches were very please to watch all the swimmers compete at a competitive level and experiencing more best times. GPAC accumulated 51% Best Times and had a total of 28 swimmers out of 34 achieve at least 1 new best time!

Marcel Dos Santos (10) was awarded High Point Award winner for the meet for 10 and under girls. Winning all 8 of her events at the meet!

Other event winners along with Dos Santos:

Addison Adams (8), Isla Fox (10), Aidan Hall (13), Arthur Phillips (10), Axel Phillips (9), Galen Schwartz (8), Rowan Schwartz (11)

Swimmers who achieved all Best Times:

Izzy Bonine (13), Emma Francis (11), Summer Hall (13), Brayden Heath (12), Kinley Heath (9), Emily Howbert (14), Kylie Kilgore (11), Milo Soileau (11), Caden Coy (11)

Congratulations to swimmers who achieved new SES Qualifying Times:

Marcela Dos Santos (10), Isla Fox (10), Aidan Hall (13), Nicholas Lypko (10), Arthur Phillips (10), Axel Phillips (9)

Congratulations to these swimmers who posted new motivational times at the meet:

B: Addison Adams, Brandon Carney, Isla Fox, Callie Harris, Scarlett Harshman, Jack Howbert, Nicholas Lypko, Maliyah Roland, Rowan Schwartz

BB: Brandon Carney, Isla Fox, Aidan Hall, Callie Harris, Jack Howbert, Nicholas Lypko, Arthur Phillips, Axel Phillips, Rowan Schwartz

A: Marcela Dos Santos, Aidan Hall, Axel Phillips

AA: Marcela Dos Santos, Aidan Hall, Axel Phillips

AAA: Marcela Dos Santos