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Develop all levels of swimmers and instill values and life-skills that foster success in all aspects of life.


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GPAC COVID-19 Letter #1

GPAC COVID-19 Letter #2


Return to Practice Guidelines

By returning to practice you will be agreeing to the following waiver and guidelines.

I understand the dangers presented by the current COV-19 pandemic and will consider those fully in my decision whether to participate in GPAC practices.  I will assume full responsibility for my actions and my health while at GPAC practice.  I will hold harmless GPAC, USA Swimming and any facility GPAC uses for practice as well as their agents, employees, volunteers or board members for any injury or illness I may experience that can be connected to my use for the facilities for the purposes of swim practice.

In order to comply with all mandates and recommendations by the CDC as well as USA Swimming, GPAC is enacting the following rules for practices in order to minimize risks for our athletes:

Per CDC recommendations, if you or anyone in your household is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell), you should stay home until the CDC’s published isolation criteria are met. 

If you have traveled outside outside of the USA or on Cruise in the last 30 days you may not attend practice.

If you or anyone with who you have frequent contact have been told to self-isolate you may not attend practice.

GPAC may take temperature and ask basic health questions daily before a swimmer can participate in practice

  1. Only swimmers, coaches and monitors will be allowed access to the facility. Parents should drop their swimmers off at the front entrance of the pool ONLY at their designated time. If you do arrive early, please remain in your car.
  2. When invited into the facility by the coaching staff (no earlier than 5 minutes before scheduled practice time), swimmers will remain at 6 ft intervals and maintain social distancing at all times. No swimmers will congregate together at any time.  Coaches will also not have the groups congregate before, during or after practice.
  3. Strict one-way entrance and one-way exits to the facility will be mandated and enforced.
  4. Swimmers shall arrive to the pool in their swim suits and will leave in their suits. Locker rooms will not be available for changing or showering.
  5. Restrooms will be available for emergency use only and will be a “One In, One Out” policy. Please have your swimmers use the restroom before coming to the pool.
  6. Swimmers will practice TWO PER LANE and will start at opposite ends of the pool. This means that swimmers will maintain at least 6 ft between each other and 25 yds between the other swimmer in the lane.
  7. The team will NOT use training equipment during the first few weeks of returning to practice. Please do not bring your equipment bags.
  8. Swimmers should bring personal water bottles THAT MUST NOT BE SHARED. Water fountains will be off limits.
  9. Swimmers will be promptly ushered out of practice and the facility upon competition of their practice.
  10. Each group will consist of a maximum of 10 swimmers.
  11. Each participant agrees to practice social distancing and recommended hygiene methods.
  12. Swimmers must attend the group and practice day/time they sign up for. We will be unable to accommodate switches or alternate scheduling of swimmers' practices.
  13. Swimmers must not be dropped off EARLIER than 5 minutes before their practice time, and should promptly be picked up no later than 5 minutes after their scheduled end time.




As part of GPAC’s ongoing efforts to support our athletes as we continue to be out of the water, the GPAC coaching staff has provided the following workout references and links for our swimmers. These workouts and exercises are not essential nor are they compulsory. The GPAC coaching staff nor its Board of Directors endorses, promote or otherwise sanctions these exercises or workouts as a "team function" or a “team sanctioned or observed training regimen”. The below workout references and links are simply another source of information to assist our swimmer in staying active, if they so choose, until we are able to resume regular water training secessions. 

The GPAC Board of Directors would like to remind all of our swimmers and their families that regardless of when or how the federal government or state of Florida decides to lift the stay at home restrictions, GPAC is still governed by USA Swimming and Southeastern Swimming and is mandated to follow their guidelines and regulations. Currently, USA Swimming has prohibited all "team function" or a “team sanctioned or observed training regimen” in order to limit the impact of COVID-19.

We understand that our swimmers and their families are eager to resume regular in water training workouts. However, until all federal, state and USA Swimming restrictions are lifted, the GPAC coaching staff and its Board of Directors implore all our GPAC athletes or team families not to engage in any act intended to facilitate the violation of any federal, state, local or USA Swimming mandates, rules, laws or regulations. As part of our continuing obligation to protect our GPAC athletes and team families, it should be understood that any GPAC athlete or family that engages in any training activities outside the current GPAC or USA Swimming restrictions, whether in a pool, on dry land, in a gym, or in open water, will be doing so at their own risk and with the understanding that neither GPAC nor USA Swimming have condoned such activities and shall be held harmless in the event of an accident or injury and that any supplemental insurance through USA Swimming may be invalid or denied for have engaged in such prohibited activity.

Considering the risk of engaging in training activities outside the current GPAC or USA Swimming restrictions, the Board of Directors has instructed the GPAC coaching staff not to provide any type of individualized water training workouts. It is also the Board’s mandate that all GPAC athletes who chose not to adhere to the current federal, state or USA Swimming restrictions, and continue to train outside current restrictions, not use GPAC team apparel (caps, suits, shirts, etc.) while engaged in such prohibited training activities. The Board’s restriction on the use of GPAC team apparel, caps, suits, shirts etc.. during this time is intended to limit any perception that the GPAC team or it’s coaching staff are in any way condoning or promoting such prohibited activities, whether through social media posts/photos or observance by the general public. The GPAC Board of Directors, CEO and coaching staff thank you for your understanding and cooperation during these trying and uncertain times. We look forward to seeing all our athletes back in the water soon, until then, stay safe and Go GPAC!



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