Family Fund Raiser

Training fees alone do not cover all of the necessary costs (pool rental, coaching salaries, etc) associated with the operation of GPAC. Fund raising helps GPAC to minimize increases to monthly training fees. This year the Board of Directors has determined that each family is required to raise or be assessed the following amounts.

$120.00 ~ New families (1st enrollment with GPAC) to the White, Blue & Senior Blue Training Groups

$165.00 ~ Returning families in the White, Blue & Senior Blue Training Groups

$225.00 ~ All families in the Green & Junior Training Groups

$240.00 ~ All families in the Senior Green Training Group

$285.00 ~ All families in the Senior Training Group


Your family’s requirement is based on your highest-level swimmer. The amount is required regardless of the number of months in the year the swimmer participates in training. This amount is split into three time frames with one third of the obligation due on each of the following dates December 1st, February 1st and May 1st.

If a family does not meet the minimum required of their training group through fund raising, they will be charged the remainder of the obligation on their monthly statement. It is possible for a family to meet their entire obligation by December 1, however we cannot retroactively credit your account for extra funds later in the year.

Families are encouraged to raise more than the minimum while fundraising as additional funds help GPAC to provide swimmers with a better experience. To meet this obligation GPAC families have several options as listed below:

Fundraising Descriptions:

*Scrip: This is a gift card purchasing system that provides GPAC a percentage of the cost of the card.  That percentage amount gets credited to your requirement. Use it to purchase gifts or for everyday shopping. It is really that easy! Starting with the June order of Scrip, families can accrue fundraising monies toward their following years first timeframe (December 1)

Team Sponsorships: Do you own a business or maybe you know a business owner personally.  Team Sponsorships count toward your requirement.

Heat Sheet/Digital Advertising: A heat sheet is a packet at meets that is used to show the events, swimmers and lanes for the competition. Most parents use heat sheets and it is therefore a very visible form of advertising.  Ads can be full page, half page or quarter page in   length. The heat sheet advertising sheet is available on the GPAC website.

Matching Donations: Some companies offer matching donations to nonprofit organizations like GPAC, please check with your employer.

Volunteer Hour Donations: Some companies offer donations to nonprofit organizations like GPAC to employees who volunteer time with those organizations, please check with your employer.


*Here are a few fliers that explain the scrip program in detail.  Please read them all to understand how it works.  All Families must use Presto Pay.  Presto Pay does require some lead time to make your account active so if you are new to the Scrip program please plan accordingly.  There is $0.15 convience fee per transaction on Presto pay and a $30 insufficiant funds charge.   They do take credit cards and there is an otion to ship directly to you (you pay for shipping)   GPAC places orders on the 9th of each month!  Once we receive the cards we email you and distribute them to the pools via your swimmer's coach.

What is Scrip     User Guide     Presto Pay Flier     Reload Flier     ScripNow! Flier     GPAC Shopping Cart     

GPAC - Getting Started (includes our Team Enrollment Code) The code does not show up on some mobile devices.

Presto Pay Video That Walks Through the Process