Greater Pensacola Aquatic Club Lessons

Note: We charge an annual registration fee of
  • $50.00 per student for Beginner Beginner M, W, Beginner Beginner T, TH, Intermediate Intermediate M, W, Intermediate Intermediate T, TH, PreCompetitive Precompetitive M, W, PreCompetitive Precompetitive T, TH
This extra fee will be added to the checkout page if your family has not paid this fee for over a year.

Welcome to the GPAC Swim School Lessons registration page. The process is simple for both new and returning families. You'll get access to your own private account to view/edit your contact information and current and past class histories. To Register:

1. Under the desired Program header, click the desired Subprogram button to expand it.

2. If there are Session and Class filters, you may use those to further narrow down your choices.

3. Click the green Register button under the class of your choice and follow the prompts.

4. Repeat the process to add multiple students to the same registration/shopping cart. 

An annual $50 registration is due in addition to class fees. You may pay online using a credit/debit card or by check. Please notice, you will be placed on a waitlist until your check is received by the swim school.


For swimmers with little or no experience in the water. Swimmers will learn water safety, floating, kicking and will begin to put the freestyle and backstroke together. This class has an instructor in the water the whole time and works with each kid individually.

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For swimmers who have completed the Beginner Level. Swimmer should be able to swim a basic 25 yard freestyle and backstroke unassisted to be ready for intermediate. Swimmers will build on freestyle and backstroke as well as learn the breaststroke. If you are unsure of if your swimmer is ready for intermediate please reach out to the office to set up an evaluation.

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For swimmers who have completed the Intermediate Level. Swimmers will build endurance, learn the butterfly kick and will be introduced to competitive swimming drills. Upon successful completion of this level, swimmers will be ready for the GPAC White Training Group (beginner group). If you are unsure if your swimmer is ready for this level please reach out to the office to set up an evaluation. The swimmer should display proper freestyle with correct rotary breathing, proper backstroke, and proper breaststroke kick (frog kick).

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