GPAC has a long and proud history of helping area swimmer achieve their goals in aquatics.  Everything we do centers around you, the swimmer.

Swimming is a lifelong sport/activity that is very unique. How is it unique?

Differences from other sports.

Swimming is typically done coed and in mixed age groups by ability.  This helps with social interaction skills.

Swimming is done horizontally not vertically.  This confuses our normal movement patterns and we must adapt.

Swimming is done in water.  This means breathing must be controlled.  It also means that swimmers are acting against both gravity and buoyancy.  Additionally, lift, drag and eddy forces are at play.

Swimming is a low impact sport.  This means less injury and a great way to cross train and rehab for other sports

Enhancement of and gateway into other Sports / Activities

Learning how to swim proficiently can lead to and enhance numerous other aquatic activities. 

Some related activities: surfing, wakeboarding, boating, paddleboarding, water skiing, jet skiing, snorkeling, water polo, diving, canoeing, fishing, kayaking, kiteboarding, kitesurfing, white water rafting, skimboarding, windsurfing, SCUBA diving etc.


Swimmers often gain employment in the aquatics field with swim experience and some additional training. 

Some employment opportunities:  Lifeguard, Swim Lesson Instructor, Swim Coach, Rescue Swimmer, Navy Diver, Aquatics Director, Certified Pool Operator, Underwater Photography, Underwater Welding.


Swimming offers more diverse and expansive list of benefits then any other sport.  Now get out there and SWIM!