GPAC Meet Schedule

The Meet Schedule can be found on our Calendar or on the home page


Notes for GPAC Participants and Parents:
~ Meet schedule is subject to change.
~ For away meets (non-championship) that are outside of a 75 mile radius GPAC requires at least ten (10) swimmers to attend or the meet will be removed from our schedule.
~ GPAC Coaches do not enter swimmers into competitions that are not on our schedule. Exceptions may be granted by the Head Coach.
~ Team Travel Trips require a non refundable deposit and a signed Team Travel Policy Sheet as well as a signed Code of Conduct.
~ GPAC may not compete in all meets that require qualifying times faster than our Southeastern Swimming Championships.
~ Competing in meet at a higher level than our Southeastern Swimming Championship is encouraged however our Southeastern Swimming Championship take priority as it is a team meet.  Therefore, individuals will not be entered in higher level meets if they do not compete at the Southeastern Swimming Championships.  Exceptions may be franted by the Head Coach.