Franklin County School Teams


All information under this tabs pertains to the FC Middle/High School Swim Teams and does not apply to WST or Penguins.

1. Is Transportation provided to the away swim meets? Yes.  A bus will be provided for team members and coaches only.  Family members must provide their own transportation.

2. How often is practice? Swimmers are required to be at a minimum of 3 practices a week.  All Tuesday practices are mandatory. Swimmers who have not met their minimum practice requirements will NOT be allowed to swim in the swim meets.

3. Why are some of my team mates swimming at a different time from FC Swim practice?  Some swimmers are members of both the FC Middle/High Swim Teams and the Winchester Swim Team (WST).  Advantages of WST are more practice time, more instruction time, more opportunities for competing in meets,  and less crowded lanes.  WST practice counts towards meeting your three required FC Swim Team practices a week. WST does have a monthly fee.  See Ms. Sue if you are interested in swimming in WST.

4. Is my swimmer expected to be at all the meets? Yes!

5. Where are the team records located? On this website, Team Records Tab, Pick A Record pull down menu and select desired team. Once you've picked your Team, you can narrow your search by gender, stroke & distance.

6.  Is a Physical required? Yes. Click here for TSSAA form