Lebanon Middle School Invitational

FCMS took 25 athletes to the Lebanon Middle School Invitational 27 Oct 2012 at the Jimmy Fuller Center in Lebanon, TN.  FCMS finished 4th out of 27 schools. All our swimmers performed outstandingly.  We had 4 new team records made at this meet, 3 swimmers made High School Regional times in 5 events, and many personal best.  Highlights of the meet are below.   Click on this link for complete meet results.

AWARDS:  Ribbons were awarded to individuals placing in the top 12 and relay teams placing in the top 8.
Individual Placing:
Chloe Brandon: 5th in 50 Free, and 6th in 100 Back
David Brandon:  12th in 100 Back
Austin Ellis:  10th in  200 Free
Christina Hines:  8th in 200 Free, and 12th in 100 Free
Lily Jenkins:  10th in 100 Free
Brooke Jones:  10th in 50 Free
Garrett Shaw:  7th in 100 Fly, and 6th in 200 IM
Ashley Slayton:  9th in 100 Breast, and 11th in 200 IM
Cameron Smith:  6th in 50 Free
Jordan Wilkinson:  9th in 50 Free
Relay Team Placing:
Girls 200 Medley Relay- 4th ( Ashley Slayton, Nikki Martin, Jordan Wilkinson, Lily Jenkins)
Boys 200 Medley Relay- 6th ( Jalen Walker, Austin Ellis, Garrett Shaw, Cameron Smith)
Girls 200 Free Relay-3rd (Brooke Jones, Shelby Shockley, Chloe Brandon, Lily Jenkins)
Boys 200 Free Relay-7th ( Rivers Jenkins, Austin Ellis, David Brandon, Cameron Smith)
Girls 400 Free Relay- 5th (Emmalee Gilliam, Chloe Brandon, Ashley Slayton, Jordan Wilkinson)
Girls 400 Free Relay-8th (Shelby Land, Courtney Hanger, Emma Curtis, Catherine Gray)
Chloe Brandon, Girls 100 yard Back Stroke, with a time of 1:17.02 breaking the previous record of 1:21.73 held by Michael Cortazzo.
Girls 200 yard Medley Relay Team  -Ashley Slayton, Nikki Martin, Jordan Wilkinson, Lily Jenkins, with a time of 2:20.23 breaking the previous record of 2:27.89 from the team -Jordan Wilkinson, Clayanna Brandon, Michael Cortazzo, and Shelby Shockley.
Girls 200 yard Freestyle Relay Team- Chloe Brandon, Brooke Jones, Shelby Shockley, Lily Jenkins, with a time of 2:02.53, breaking the previous record of 2:08.95 from the team- Shelby Shockley, Caitlyn Duncan, Brooke Jones, and Michael Cortazzo.
Girls 400 yard Freestyle Relay Team- Emmalee Gilliam, Chloe Brandon, Ashley Slayton, Jordan Wilkinson, with a time of 4:56.33, breaking the previous record of 5:22.73 from the team- Clayanna Brandon, Brooke Jones, Emmalee Gilliam, Rebecca Sinko.
HIGH SCHOOL REGIONAL TIMES:  FCMS had 3 swimmers make High School Regional Times
in 5 events.  Middle Schoolers do not go to High School Regionals, but this is a great accomplishment for our young swimmers, 
Chloe Brandon :  50 Free, and 100 Back
Lily Jenkins:  100 Free
Ashley Slayton:  200 IM, and 100 Breast
PERSONAL BEST: Those breaking their own personal best time from previous meets are below. 
Chloe Brandon:  50 Free
Emma Curtis:  100 Back
Austin Ellis:  200 Free
Madelyn Farris: 50 Free
Emmalee Gilliam:  50 Free, 100 Breast
Catherine Gray:  50 Free
Courtney Hanger:  100 Free
Christina Hines:  200 Free
Lily Jenkins:  200 IM, 100 Free
Rivers Jenkins:  50 Free
Brooke Jones:  50 Free, 100 Breast
Shelby Land:  200 Free, 100 Back
Nikki Martin:  50 Free, 100 Back
Page Richardson:  50 Free
Garrrett Shaw:  200 IM, 100 Fly
Shelby Shockley:  100 Breast
Rebecca Sinko:  50 Free, 100 Back
Ashley Slayton:  200 IM, 100 Breast
Cameron Smith:  50 Free
Ella Waddell:  50 Free, 100 Free
Jalen Walker:  50 Free
Jordan Wilkinson:  50 Free, 100 Breast
Trudy Xia: 50 Free
NEW COMERS:  Those who attended their first FCMS swim meet .
Shelbie Smith