Welcome to the Penguins Swim Team!!



1.  Open registration April 1-30. Classes start May 1st.

2.  Mandatory Parents meeting TBD at the pool, at 5:30pm.

3.  Cost:  $125.00 for "learn to swim"  $135 for swim team.

4.  We expect the swimmers to be at every meet.  However, we realize this may not be possible.  Please notify your coach at least 48 hours prior to meet if you cannot attend, and 1 week prior to championship.  Failure to notify your coach will result in a $20 fee for a regular meet and $25 for Championship Meet.

5.  You must participate in at least 2 meets to go to Championship.  You may do a make up meet at another team's meet. See Mrs. Melanie if you need a make up meet.

6. Volunteering:  We cannot have a swim team without volunteers.  Please see Mrs. Melanie about volunteering. By May 29th we will have the volunteer schedule made and every family will be responsible for volunteering a minimum of 4 hours over the course of the season.  Please specify during registration where you would like to volunteer.  If nothing is indicated we will assign you a job.  If someone from your family does not volunteer their four hours a charge of $100 will be assessed at the end of the season.  The RACE LEAGUE will have training courses for some positions, so see a coach for more information.  Thank you in advance for helping in this area.