Thank you for contacting SHORE AQUATICS!

Please email any questions to  [email protected]

Please follow the step by step instructions below for FREE Trial! 

One Week Free Trial for Water Polo

Trial members must have a current USAWP membership or register for a USAWP trial membership.  For a USAWP trial membership select either the printed application or online version.  Please bring a copy of the completed form to your first practice and give it to the head coach on deck. Follow each step below:

  1. Go to
  2. Click JOIN on top of page, create an account for free trial. 
  3. Click ONE Week Trial Membership /  (available only once in a lifetime and as first-time membership). Not allowed to participate in tournaments or events.
  4. New members only. One Free Week Free Trial not to be combined with 2nd week of USA Water Polo 2 Week Free Trial.
  5. Select Sign Up on bottom of page.
  6. Select California
  7. Select Shore Aquatics / #892
  8. Complete Member Info & Log In
  9. Please print the confirmation and bring to the pool deck or show on cell. 


  • Age Group Team Practice Times and Pool Locations are listed under the Calendar Tab.
  • Boys should wear swim suit, jammers or speedos.
  • Girls should wear a one piece suit, no two piece suits. Also goggels and towel.
  • All children must pass a swim test given by the Shore coaching staff to join in. Please arrive 10 minutes early to try out. All player's must be able to swim 25 meter lap and the show the ability to use the freestyle / side breathing techiqnue to be able to join water polo.

If your child does not pass the swim test to join water polo at this time, the coaching staff will recommend swim lessons before trying out again.

 Water polo is 90% of swimming, and 10% of ball handling. It is important for safety issues, that your child is able to complete the swim test.

How to join Long Beach Shore Aquatics Water Polo Teams / 

Any questions please email Club Admin Autumn Harryman at [email protected]

1. Go to and complete the 3 step new membership process. 3 step process:

  1. Join
  2. Upload a picture of your player and
  3. Complete the age verification.
  • For Splash 5-9yrs, join Bronze for located on the bottom.
  • For 10-18U, join Silver for non-traveling team, join GOLD for JO players.
  • USA Water Polo will issue your player their USA Water Polo #.

2. Next, return back to HERE, on this site and from home page, click on register here under age group team. 

3. Complete the online registration. Note emails will be sent to only one email,  that are listed on your registration form. 

  • PLEASE COMPLETE the SMS fields to receive text messages from Shore. Include your carrier. 

4. Record your personal log in and password.

5. You will be entering your credit card for payment. Your CC on file will pay for registration and for upcoming tournaments.

6. Session fees will be prorated and charged after fee has been reduced. 

7. Tournaments are additional and always optional.

Free Trial Week for Swim Team

  • Please come Monday or Wednesday at 5:30pm to Seal Beach Community Pool at McGaugh School in Seal Beach. 
  • In order to be a part of the SHORE Aquatics Swim Team, all swimmers must be able to swim 25 meter lap and the show the ability to use the freestyle / side breathing technique to be able to join.
  • Ages are from 5 years to 18 years of age.
  • USA Swim Registration is required for Free Week Trial, registration paperwork is available on the pool deck.
  • Please bring goggles, suit and towel to the try out.
  • Fees are charged on a required recurring monthly charge. Rejected monthly swim CC charges will be charged a return payment fee of $25.00
  •  We look forward to seeing on the pool deck soon!!!