About Us
      Long Beach SHORE Aquatics Club is in honor of Klaus Barth. The team is dedicated to Klaus Barth’s inspiration that he brought to swimming and water polo in Long Beach. Klaus was one of the pioneers that brought outstanding swimming and water polo to the community.
We hope to carry his tradition on in swimming and water polo excellence. Long Beach SHORE Aquatics will forever keep
Klaus’s amazing spirit is in our hearts. Live Like Klaus is our inspiration here at SHORE Aquatics.

Our Mission

     SHORE Aquatics seeks to instill, promote, and maintain the great tradition of excellent aquatics in Long Beach by enhancing the lives of young athletes in spirit, body, and mind. The philosophy of SHORE Aquatics is built upon a foundation of personal responsibility, determination, and discipline. All of our athletes are encouraged to respect and appreciate their teammates, coaches, families, and competitors and to discover their personal best as a representative of Long Beach, both in and out of the water.

Any questions please email:  [email protected]