Bronze Group$105 monthly, $386 seasonally

Silver Group - $115 monthly, $423 seasonally

Gold Group - $135 monthly, $497 seasonally

Varsity (Fitness Group)$135 monthly, $497 seasonally, $1425 annually

Senior Prep  - $155 monthly, $570 seasonally, $1637 annually

Senior Elite - $175 monthly, $644 seasonally, $1848 annually

Athete Performance Training (APT) - $30 monthly (Senior Elite / Senior Prep Only)

Sibling / Multiple Swimmer Disocunts are availble

Seasonal memberships: Fall (Sept. - Dec.), Winter (Jan. - April) , Summer (May - Aug.)

Annual memberships: September-August

Additional Fees: 

Administrative Registration Fee: $50.00 one time fee (per swimmer)

USA Swimming Membership (required):

  • Annual Membership: $72.00
  • Seasonal: $40.00



If your child is going to miss practice for an extended period of time or you wish to simply deactivate your account, you MUST email the Team Treasurer at least 10 business days prior to the end of any month/season to prevent being billed for the next month/season. Any person who fails to notify in the appropriate amount of time will be charged the full amount of their swimmer's next monthly/seasonal dues.