2021-22 CSTE Program and Cost Overview


CSTE Fee Structure and Billing

If you are a Senior swimmer and are going to be taking a break you MUST email either one of the team administrators, Mel or Sue at least 30 days prior to your departure to avoid paying for the next month. Any person who fails to notify in the appropriate amount of time will be charged the full amount of their swimmer's next monthly/seasonal dues. 

Coronado City Pool Prices:

IMG monthly $115.00

IMR monthly $155.00

IMX monthly $175.00

Pre Senior: monthly $200, Short Course (Sept-March) $1260, Long Course (April-Aug) $900, Annual $2040

Pre Senior Plus: monthly $225, Short Course (Sept-March) $1417.50, Long Course (April-Aug) $1012.50, Annual $2295

Senior: monthly  $250, Short Course (Sept-March) $1575, Long Course (April-Aug) $1125, Annual $2550

CCT:  monthly $440, Short Course (Sept-March) $2772, Long Course (April-Aug) $1980, Annual $4114


La Jolla Pool Prices:

IMX monthly $175.00

Pre Senior Plus: monthly  $260,  Short Course (Sept-March) $1638, Long Course (April-Aug) $1170, Annual $2652

Senior: monthly $290, Short Course (Sept-March) $1827, Long Course (April-Aug) $1305, Annual $2958


Oceanside Pool Prices:

IMR: monthly $135.00

IMX: monthly $175.00

Pre Senior Plus: monthly $225, Short Course (Sept-March) $1417.50, Long Course (April-Aug) $1012.50, Annual $2295

Senior: monthly $250, Short Course (Sept-March) $1575, Long Course (April-Aug) $1125, Annual $2550


Additional Required IMG/IMR/IMX Fees

Team Apparel  (required) $150 (1 CSTE suit, 1 hoodie, 2 dryfit shirts, 1 white CSTE cap)


Additional Required CCT/Senior Fees

Team Apparel (required) $170 (1 CSTE suit, 1 hoodie, 2 dryfit shirts, 2 white personalized CSTE caps)


All CSTE athletes need annual USA swim registration memberships $76.00.  If you are new they will be processed within 2 weeks of starting.  If you are renewing we will do these in November.

Billing Policies

Discounts and Policies:

  • Active Military discount. 10%
  • Seasonal discounts for Senior groups:  SC Sept-March 10%, LC April-Aug 10%, SC and LC 15% 
  • Family discount:  10% 2nd swimmer, 12.5% 3rd swimmer, 15% 4th swimmer, 17.5 5th swimmer
  • Max of 20% discounts allowed.
  • There is a one-time per year Registration fee of $100/family for swimmers not in the seasonal programs.  If you register after April 30th the fee is $50.00.   This once a year registration fee is non- refundable.
  • If you choose to leave the team there will be a $50 administrative reinstatement fee if you decide to return and there is space.
  • If you leave the team and have a credit on your account, it can only be used for immediate family members.
  • No refunds.  Credits to your account are granted due to broken bones or extended illness like mono.  Vacations and other minor illnesses are not credited.
  • Electronic payment must be set up online.
  • Credit cards and ACH accounts set up online will be charged on the first of the month for any balance due.  Please check your accounts prior to the billing date for any errors.
  • All accounts need to stay current as a condition of team membership.

Volunteering Requirement:

Every family is expected to volunteer for any meet that their swimmer attends.  If that is not possible all the time we would hope that you would jump in when needed for events such as the Rough Water Swim, Swim-A-Thon or other team sponsored events.

Fundraising Requirement:

Fundraising for CSTE can be done via obtaining team sponsorships for events, solicit donations or Swim-A-Thon fundraising.  More about fundraising will be sent out later.  CSTE officials do not have to do the fundraising portion.


IMG $100/year

IMR $150/year


IMX- $200/year

Pre Seniors- $200/year

Pre Senior +- $350/year

Senior- $350/year