Winter/Spring Seasonal Registration

Open for Returning Members

11/27/21 - 4/1/22

Open for New Members

12/6/21 - 4/1/22

99 Members



                     2022 Winter/Spring Swim Season

                                        January 10- April 23, 2022


IMG BBMAC 6-8 yr olds                                                   IMR BBMAC 9-10 yr olds

IMG-2  M/W/F 3:45-4:45 pm                                              IMR-2 M/W/F 3:30-5pm dryland/swim (no dryland Fri) Sat 8:15-9:30 am swim

IMG-4 T/TH/F 3:30-4:30 pm                                              IMR-4 T/TH/F 3:30-5pm dryland/swim (no dryland Fri) Sat 8:15-9:30 am swim

IMG-6  T/TH 5:00-6:00 pm Fri 3:30-4:45 pm                     IMR-6 T/TH 4:30-6pm dryland/swim Fri 3:30-5 pm  (no dryland Fri) Sat 8:15-9:30 am swim

IMG City Pool 6-8 yr olds                                             IMR  City Pool 9-10 yr olds

IMG-3 M/W/F 5:30-6:30 pm                                       IMR-3 M/W 5:15-6:45 pm dryland/swim Fri 5:30-6:45 pm swim Sat 8:15-9:30 am swim

IMG-7 T/TH/F 5:30-6:30 pm                                      IMR-7 M/W 5:15-6:45 pm dryland/swim Fri 5:30-6:45 pm swim Sat 8:15-9:30 am swim

IMX 11-2 only at City Pool

IMX-2 M/W/F 5-7 pm dryland/swim T/TH 5:45-7 pm swim

Additional IMG/IMR/IMX Fees

Team Apparel:  (required) $150 (1 CSTE suit, 1 hoodie, 2 dryfit shirts, 1 white CSTE cap) if you purchased this in Sept  you will not be billed for it.  If you didn't pay for this for the Fall session it will be billed to your credit card when we approve your account.

Meet Fees: (required) $60 IMG and IMR.   IMX $30

Meet Dates/times:

January 29, 2022 12:30-4:30

February 19, 2022 12:30-4:30

March 26, 2022 12:30-4:30

April 23, 2022 12:30-4:30

If you are new and need a tryout please email Becci Lefringhouse  at [email protected] or submit a contact form HERE and a CSTE representative will setup an appointment for a swim assessment with one of our professional coaches to ensure your swimmer is placed in the correct group.

If you are a current member and have a placement question please email Coach Joey at [email protected]


Welcome to the Coronado Swim-Team Elite Electronic Registration platform for our upcoming swim season! We are pleased to offer electronic payment processing and registration. The process is simple for both new and returning members. You'll get access to your own private account that will enable you easily declare for swim meets, sign-up for jobs, see your children's swim times histories, maintain your own contact information, and more.

We look forward to having you join the Coronado Swim -Team Elite and are excited for another great season!