2022-2023 Meet & Event Schedule

Date Event Type Host/Location FAST TO PARTICIPATE
Oct 29 SWIMPOSIUM SI/BBMAC YES - to those invited
Nov 5-6 All Ages B/C Meet CAST/Granite Hills High School YES

Nov 11-13

All Ages A/BB Meet SOL/Southwestern College NO
Dec 2-4 Alll Ages B through WAG Max Meet NCA/Alga Norte Aquatic Center YES
Dec 11 14/U Mini Meet FAST/Fallbrook HS YES
Dec 17-19 Winter Age Group Championships SI/William A Wagner Aquatic Center If qualified
Jan 21-22 All Ages BC Meet CAST/Helix HS YES
Jan 27-29 All Ages A/BB Meet SDSA/BBMAC If qualified
Feb 25-26 All Ages NTS Meet RSD/Pardee Aquatice Center YES