Be An Active Swimmer and Parent

  • A: Ask Questions -
    • Have a question about what the coach is teaching or you observe unsafe behavior?  Ask questions and if you "See something, Say something"
  • C: Commit to the Team -
    • Have your swimmer wear their team gear to all team functions (team suit, team cap & team t-shirt)
    • Participate in meets/games- we are a competitive program
    • Come to practice on a regular basis
  • T: Teach  Responsibility:
    • Teach your athlete to manage their own equipment for practice and meets
    • Teach your athlete to manage their time between family,school and the sport they chose
  • I: Get Involved -
    • Become familiar with the FAST and USA Swimming website (swimmers too)  There is a wealth of information out there
  •  V: Volunteer
    • When hosting swim meets volunteers are needed to be successful. 
    • There are meets that will require our team to time- this is a parent responsibility and you have an opportunity to make a new friend
  • E: Encourage your athlete 
    • Be the parent that encourages your athlete without putting a lot of pressure on them.  Hugs and pats on the back are great.  Winning and success is the by product of hard work and having fun