Welcome to Heartland Swimming Association

First Three Steps- All steps should be completed within your first week of swim.

1- Complete the online registration through our website- make sure you use an active email account that gets checked regularly as email is our primary means of communicating with you.

2- Your swimmer MUST have a USA Swimming membership in order to practice and compete with the team. We will either email you a link to the USA Swimming Registration website after you complete the Heartland registration or there may be a link on the last page of the registration online. This membership will be good through December 31, 2023. Your Heartland registration is not complete until you have the USA membership.

3- Please read this entire page. It contains almost all of the information you need to become a successful swim parent!

Purchase needed equipment

--Swimsuit, Goggles, Cap. Heartland is a Speedo sponsored team and we request that swimmers wear Speedo swimsuits. Girls should wear a snug fitting suit- swim suits stretch when wet. Most boys wear "Jammer" style swim suits. Swimmers with long hair should definitely wear swim caps- swimmers with short hair can choose whether to wear a cap or not. We will provide a team cap for competitions.

Please wear a black Speedo suit for swim meets- team suits with our logo can be purchased at Swim West.

-Fins, kickboard, other equipment may be required by your coach.

Equipment can be purchased from Swim West- https://swimwestusa.com/collections/heartland-swim-association 

The password is swimheart

You may order personalized HSA Swim caps by logging into your account and hovering your mouse over the "Gear" tab where a drop-down link will appear to order custom swim caps. Questions on swim cap orders should be sent to [email protected]

At the end of each swim season, we offer a championship t-shirt- information will be available through the Heartland Update emails.

Heartland's website is www.heartlandswim.org which is the central location for all team and account information. Current practice calendars and the seasonal swim meet schedule are on the website. 13/Over Fall Special swimmers will follow the Senior Development team calendar. 12/Under Fall Special swimmers will follow the Junior Gold calendar. You enter swim meets through the website and access your account information through the website. Check it out! There are lots of great tutorials available if you need a little help finding your way around. In conjunction with the website, you can download the On Deck app for your phone or tablet which gives you access to many of the same features while on the go. Our Team Alias for On Deck is sihsa   You can also find Heartland Swim Association on Facebook and Instagram- great places to post pictures! And sometimes those pictures end up on our website!

Tell me more about club swim

Heartland Swim is comprised of 4 age-group teams who practice in East County. Our Junior Gold team is for swimmers ages 10 and under (12 and under Fall Special) with an emphasis on technique. The Gold team is for serious swimmers from age 11 through the start of High School with a strong emphasis on competition, conditioning, and technique. The Senior Development team is for swimmers from age 12 through High School (Fall Special 13 and Over) with an emphasis on stroke development, conditioning, and technique. The Senior team is for serious High School age swimmers and places a strong emphasis on competition, conditioning, and technique.

Heartland Swim Team is one of approximately 30 teams in San Diego County that comprise San Diego-Imperial Swimming (SI). SI Swimming is one of 59 Local Swim Committees (LSC) of USA Swimming. USA Swimming is divided into four Zones, Eastern, Southern, Central and Western. San Diego-Imperial Swimming is part of the Western Zone. USA Swimming is the organization that oversees the US Olympic Swim Team.

Time standards
While there are ribbons and medals in swimming, most swimmers concentrate on improving their times. A great goal for a swimmer is to get a "best time." To help in tracking and assessing your performance there are time standards in place. These time standards also serve as entry requirements for some meets. Current time standards can be found on the SI website- https://www.si-swimming.com/times/

Swim Meet Entry 101
We highly recommend that swimmers pick at least one swim meet to attend each month. Your swimmer's coach can help you do this. You can find the available swim meets under the Meets/Seasonal Teams tab on the website.

For questions about meet entries talk to your swimmer’s coach or email Uvaldo at [email protected]

How to sign up and enter your swimmer in year-round swim Meets:

All swim meets sign-ups are also completed online through our website at www.heartlandswim.org 

·       Sign into your Swimmer's Account

·       Go to the top of the webpage and select the "Meets/Seasonal Teams" tab, then select Team Events. A list of available swim meets will show up and then you scroll down to find the swim meet that you wish to enter,

·       Click on the "Edit Commitment" button. If you have more than one child swimming you will see them listed on this page.

·       Please pay careful attention to the "Maximum Event Entry Limitations" in the meet information box- IF PRESENT- the "View" link will be blue and you can click on it to see the information.

·       Select your swimmer.

How to select Swim Events for every swim meet you register for:

·       Click on the "Declaration" pull-down and select "Yes".

·       Once "Yes" is selected, please read the "Important Notes" at the top of the page.

·       Add any notes that you want the Administrator to see in the "Notes" box under the declaration.

·       At the bottom of the page you will see the events your child MAY be eligible to swim.

·       You will also see their Best Times. If your swimmer has not yet swum an event for an official time it may say NT-, which stands for No Time. Times in black are events your swimmer is eligible to enter and swim. Times in red are events your swimmer is NOT eligible to enter. Their times may be too fast or too slow, depending on the meet.

·       Check the Checkbox to the left of the name for those events you would like to enter. The entry time will then be highlighted next to the events you enter.

·       Please take careful notice of the time standards that must be met in the right-side columns.

·       Once you have finished, click on the "Save Changes" button in the lower right.

·       Repeat the process for additional swimmers.

·       You will notice that Coach Approval column will indicate Pending after you submit.

Your team meet Administrator will review your declaration and APPROVE or REJECT your request. A report showing all meet entries will be emailed out along with specific meet information such as location, estimated timeline and team timing assignments. We send this email once the meet information is received from the host team- hopefully by the Wednesday before the meet. You will be billed for all meet entries through the monthly billing process.

You do not need to enter an entry time. If you need more explanation the website offers many great tutorials to guide you through. Timing assignment slots are posted the week of the meet and if you are entered in the meet you will receive an email letting you know they've been posted and when the deadline is to sign up.

We are one of the larger teams in SI swimming and we always have several timing chairs. If your child swims in a meet you ARE REQUIRED to assist with team timing assignments. Plan to time for at least an hour each session at a meet- we may not need you that much but sometimes we might. If your swimmer is entered in an event towards the end of the session, we ask that you take a later timing slot.

You will be billed for any meet entry. Meet entries are most often due a little more than 2 weeks before the meet. We enter meets as a team so it is vital that your entry is submitted on time.

 Do I have to pay for my meet entry? Yes! Your account will be charged on the 1st of each month for any meet entry fees- your payment is due by the 15th.  Statement balances not paid in full by the 15th are subject to a $15 late fee.

What To Expect At A Swim Meet
Your child's coach will let them know what time they need to arrive at the meet. When you arrive at the meet you will need to look for the Heartland tarps. The team provides tarps for the benefit of the swimmers and we ask that parents refrain from sitting under the tarps if it means that there is not enough space for all the swimmers. Your child may need to "check in" with the clerk of course at the check in table.  Coaches will have their swimmers stretch as a group and then get in the water to warm up. Meet Mobile is a great app for your phone/tablet to help you follow along at swim meets. Your swimmer will check with their coach before their event for last minute advice. After they swim their event, they will "warm down" in the warm down area and then go see their coach again for an evaluation of their swim. Most meets have a snack bar available. It is important that your swimmer drink plenty of water. If your child enters a "distance" event of 500 yards or longer you will need to provide an individual to serve as 'lap counter" and also 2 individuals to time. Heartland owns lap counters that can be used for these events- check with your coach.

Club meets are overseen by officials who are there to ensure that the swimmers follow the rules of USA Swimming. In SI Swimming these officials are mostly parent volunteers. If you would like more information on becoming an official for our team, please talk to any of our parent officials on deck. Parents of children ages 11 and under are always needed to become officials. The team pays the cost of your official's card. The more parents we have certified as officials the fewer meets you need to officiate!

Heartland has only one mandatory fundraiser each year, the annual Aquafest, which is usually held in October. All year-round swimmers, who swim with the team for more than half a year, are expected to participate. Swimmers in our Fall Special program are invited to participate, but it is not mandatory. Participation includes swimming as many laps as possible within a one-hour time frame and soliciting donations for your efforts. Year-round swimmers are expected to raise at least $150 toward the Aquafest or pay the family buy-out of $150. This is a family-friendly event that parents are welcome at and expected to attend. We need as many parent volunteers as possible to count laps. Swimmers can also earn prizes for their efforts. Swimmers are treated to snacks and drinks after their one-hour swim. Talk to your coach for more info.

Additional fundraising activities are held throughout the year, such as eating out at local restaurants that give a portion of the proceeds to our swim club. Members are encouraged to participate, but these activities are not mandatory.