U.S. Masters Swimming encourages adults to enjoy the health, fitness, and social benefits of swimming by providing more than 2,000 adult swimming programs and events across the country, including open water and pool competitions. USMS’s nearly 70,000 members range from age 18 to 99 and include swimmers of all ability levels.

"Continuing in a Tradition of Excellence in a Positive and Confidence Building Environment"
To promote adult fitness and health by offering a year round fitness/competitive swimming program for all levels and abilities.
Vision Statement
Adopt, align, and implement the United States Masters Swimming vision and values.
1.  We value HEALTH and FITNESS , constantly challenging ourselves to achieve, accomplishing our own goals through practice and
2.  We value RESPECT for our teammates, competitors, coaches, and volunteers.
3.  We value FUN, enjoying camaraderie with our fellow swimmers through our swim family, embracing swimming as a joyful and satisfying way to stay in shape. 
3.  We value LEARNING through coaching and communication. 
4.  We value EXCELLENCE in safety, education, innovation, and performance

IVDA Masters philosophy is to always provide a group/lane assignment for every level of swimmer, from novice to world class, and for every person’s individual goals, whether they are fitness or health, masters pool competitions, open water/Triathlon, or just social there is a workout for you.


All IVDA Master swimmers must have a US Master Swim (USMS) card. USMS provides insurance coverage for all individual USMS members and liability insurance for clubs and workout groups. For the insurance to be in effect, all participants within the activity, such as an organized practice or competition, must be registered with USMS.


We are here to support your needs. If your questions are related to workouts, meets, events, goal setting, and other swimming related needs, please contact one of the coaches.

Heather Duarte - Masters Head Coach
Nikie Lopez - Masters Coach