. Why warmups and warm downs are important during a swim meet?

What is the big deal?

Why is it beneficial to talk to coaches before and after races?

What does a regular meet warmup set look like?

Coaches alike will agree upon a meet warmup to get the swimmer prepared for their races before racing. This allows the body to wake up and regulate their body temperature as well as loosen any muscle fibers they find before their rigorous swims. The better conditioned the swimmer is before the race the more relaxed mentally the swimmer feels and therefore, can perform at optimal performance level. A typical warmup set depends on the coaches, the time allotted for warmup, and the event for that day the swimmers are entered in. Please use this chart of a warmup only as a guide to what a warmup set looks like.

300 freestyle
200 kick on back

6 x75 k/d/s
6 x 50 build
4 x25 sprint


What does a regular meet warm down set look like?
 Rule of thumb - take the event that swimmer just swam and multiply by two
ie (100 freestyle x 2 = 200 cool down)
The swimmer needs to feel relaxed without heavy breathing after a meet warm down to obtain full worth of this exercise.

Purpose: to swim easy freestyle stroke until heartrate is down.

Key focus: to decelerate the heart rhythm and make blood flow to the body easily accessible.

The benefits: the muscles during a race seize up into a ball causing the stress on joints, muscles, and other natural like movements in the body. This adrenaline pumped through the body raises the blood flow causing lactic acid to form. During which, the swimmer feels they hit a wall or experience tightness in their muscles. When the body is able to cool down properly from the process of escaped energy forced out of their body, the body can mend and start to heal the muscles. As a result more oxygen flow in these muscle groups will result in conditioning that helps swimmers build endurance over time as well as avoid torn muscles and/or other injuries.


Why is it beneficial to talk to coaches before and after races?

OSC would like each swimmer to talk to the coaches before and after their races before meeting with their parents. The benefits in following these instructions are unfolded below. After reading this parents and swimmers will be able to answer these questions: Talking to the coaches before and after the race is it important to talk to coaches because swimmers meeting with their coaches before and after the swim race allows the swimmers alone time to focus on their swim and will benefit the swimmers mental clarity to achieve what is attainable during their race and after in the warm down. The action plays a huge role in the swimmers confidence and underlying their ability to perform under pressure.

The Coaches are not responsible for finding the swimmer before and after the race, this should be respected and followed by both the swimmer and parent.

Coaches encourage swimmers to bring snacks like bananas, crackers, fruit, muffins, granola bars, chocolate and water.  Swimmers need to stay hydrated during the meet to avoid dehydration.  It's also a good idea to pack an extra towel, sweatshirts, clothes, caps, goggles and bathing suits.  Some extra games (like card games, legos, books etc) are good for swimmers to play when waiting in between their races or cheering their teammates on. 

Also, please make sure that upon arriving to the pool, your swimmer checks in immediately.  All swimmers will be responsible for checking in before getting in the pool to warm up.  There is no diving in the warm-up pool. Please enter feet first. We will warm up together so please be on time. Once warm-ups are finished, we will have a team meeting where the coach(es) will talk to the swimmers to make sure they are aware of  the rules and safety of the pool and the schedule for that day. This time is between the coach(es) and swimmers, please have parents and family respect this time with the coach. 
We have a few swimmers who are new to the swim meet routine. We will address this by having a buddy system where a more experienced swimmer will help guide the swimmer to the block and to warm down after their race. Please know that warming down is not optional it is mandatory. Warming down is a huge part for the swimmer to get in the routine of doing not only for muscle recovery and growth but for the athletes well being. Every practice we do practice warm downs regularly and will use this at the swim meets. 
OSC will be asked to share the lane timing assignment with another team when we have entires of 10& over swimmers at a meet. 

Swimmers please have breakfast. This is an essential meal to start your day with. Breakfast should include protein and carbohydrates to help fuel your muscles before they perform.  Both swimmers and parents please stay well hydrated too.