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Renegade Aquatics is a coach-owned, year-round swim team, based in Escondido CA. With athletes from Valley Center, San Marcos, Vista, and other communities, our program draws swimmers from throughout North County.

The number 1 priority of our coaching staff is the athlete. We focus on the FUNdamentals when working with your children. We will teach your swimmers the basic requirements of our sport in a safe, friendly, and educational environment. The coaching staff will work on swimming technique and skill development, helping the swimmers get faster as they compete against other USA Swim teams from San Diego county (and beyond).

Renegade Aquatics conducted their first practices in September, 2013 and has quickly grown to over 250 swimmers. And we have room for more!

If you are interested in joining our program, please contact Coach John McGlynn ([email protected]). You can also visit us at and also on Shutterfly at


Mission Statement

The mission of Renegade Aquatics is to provide a safe environment and strong foundation
for growth, for all levels of swimmers, so that our participants develop and appreciation
for the sport of swimming, respect for their teammates and competitors,
and a goal to reach their fullest potential.


Team Vision

The vision for Renegade Aquatics' swim program is to create an atmosphere
which encourages our athletes to set goals, train for those goals in a safe environment,
and to meet or exceed those goals by the end of each season.


Our entry level novice swimmers will be introduced to our sport in a fun, supportive, and educational setting - where they will learn the basic fundamentals of swimming technique, be encouraged to participate in meets, and learn about the tremendous history of USA Swimming.  Our more advanced swimmers will focus on their training so that they can represent our program at the highest level possible:  LSC championships, Zones and All Star teams, Sectionals, and hopefully somday National Championships and Olympic Trials.  All of our swimmers will strive to promote sportsmanship and show respect to their teammates, coaches, parents, competitors, officials, and spectators.

The Renegade Aquatics coaching staff will make every effort to create an environment where the parents trust us to work with your children and allow us to maximize the potential in each individual swimmer.  The coaches will seek educational opportunities which will allow them to keep up to date with the latest training techniques and make themselves available to parents to answer and questions about our program.

The parents in Renegade Aquatics will strive to be supportive of our swimmers and coaches, providing encouragement and volunteering whenever possible to help improve our program.  Parents are often asked to work at swim meets:  as timers, officials, or a variety of other positions.  And there are also opportunities to work with our Rengade Parent Boosters.

If we think of our program as a triangle (with athletes, coaches, and parents comprising the three sides) and each side supports and recognizes the importance of the other two sides, we will build the foundation for a very successful swim program - one that will continue to grow and offer tremendous opportunities for the children of San Diego's North County!



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