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At Renegade Aquatics, we strive to provide the safest environment for your children.  While we focus on teaching the swimmers the basic concepts of our sport and strive for athletic success, it must be done with an emphasis on promoting the physical, mental, and emotional security and well being of your children.

As a member of USA Swimming, Renegade Aquatics adheres to the best practices offered by our national organization and our San Diego Imperial LSC.  Below please find documents that can be clicked on which explain the steps that we take to create a safe environment for your children.  There is a LOT of information to go over, but please reach out to John McGlynn - or directly to USA Swimming or Safe Sport if necessary - if you ever have any comments or concerns.

RAQ Safe Sport Coordinator  -  John McGlynn, team owner  -  760-390-4173  -  [email protected]

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USA Center for Safe Sport
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USA Swimming has developed a very detailed plan which focuses on the safety and wellness for all swimmers.  All parents, as well as swimmers 12 and older, are encouraged to watch the safety video which can be found at this link:  Safe Sport Learning Course.  Once on the site, follow the instructions to connect to the correct athlete protection module.  Parents should register with the info for their children, as the log-in is based on USA Swimming membership.  For a detailed explanation of the 'Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP)', please click here.  When you do view the video, please print, fill out, and return this acknowledgement (click here).


When you joined Renegade Aquatics and filled out your registration packet, there were several sections that concern the safety and well being of your children.  For your benefit, here are some links to the specific topics:

RAQ Parent and Athlete Code of Conduct         RAQ Code of Conduct for Coaches

RAQ Electronic Communication Policy              RAQ Anti-Bullying Policy
RAQ Locker Room Policy                                   RAQ Photography Policy