Official Site of RENEGADE AQUATICS, Escondido's Competitive Swim Team

Given the limited pool resources that we face during the COVID environment, it is difficult to create elaborate workout groups with our swimmers.  Rather, we evaluate throughout the season and try to create a balance to each group - allowing swimmers to advance to another level of training when they are ready for it.  There is no strict age requirement for the various groups; instead we rely on the ability of each individual athlete.

At present, all of our practices are conducted at the Baker branch of the Boys & Girls Club - 835 W 15th Ave in Escondido.  Other sites which could be used in the future included the municipal pools at Jim Stone and Washington Park as well as Adams Park in Valley Center.

Currently, our practice schedule is as follows:

M-W-F (2 hrs), T-T (1.5 hrs)         4:30-6:30 or 5:00-6:30 (reserved for swimmers at senior level)
M-W-F (1.5 hours)                        3:00-4:30

T-T      (1 hour)                             2:00-3:00, 3:00-4:00, 4:00-5:00

We appreciate everyone's patience during these times as we strive to provide a safe program for your children, and help them improve as swimmers.  We are very fortunate to have the support of the B&G club, which allows us to provide this opportunity for a bit of normalcy and physical activity for the children.  And we are very grateful to everyone for abiding by the rules we must follow to stay open for the children!

During 'normal' times, these would be our typical practice groups, base on swimming ability:

Novice / Age Group

This is our entry level group. We prefer that these participants be comfortable in the water, follow directions, and have a basic understanding of the freestyle stroke.

Our coaching staff works with this group to develop good training habits, focusing on building a strong kick (the foundation of any good swimmer) and introducing the drills that will become the basis of their training during their time in our program.

We do ask that our novice swimmers attend at least 2 practices each week.

Junior (Intermediate) Group

Swimmers at this level should demonstrate a basic understanding of the four strokes, and have participated in a few swim meets.  We introduce the concept of sets and intervals with this group and try to build up their training endurance, improve their technique, and drop their race times.  Everyone in this group should be able to swim a legal 50 in each of the strokes, and preferable done so in a sanctioned swim meet.

The Junior swimmers are asked to attend at least 3 practices each week.

Senior (Advanced) Group

At this level, swimmers are expected to be legal in all strokes and distances for their respective age group level, with aspirations to compete at Junior Olympics or above or to swim for their high school team.  Emphasis is placed on structured workouts which focus on endurance and strong technique, which will result in the desired speed when it matters most:  at our championship meets.

In order to achieve these resuts, we expect our senior swimmers to practice 5-6 times per week - more during the summer months and Christmas break when we conduct doubles.