RSD 2021 Swim-A-Thon Results!

A huge congratulations to all our 2021 Swim-a-Thon participants and thank you to all the parent volunteers!  We are so proud of everyone’s efforts this year and are grateful for the fundraising support which will help us provide access to BGC Aquatics programs for all families and help us maintain our facility. 
This year, 324 swimmers participated in the Swim-A-Thon for a total of 991,765 yards, which is equivalent to 563+ miles!  Just to give everyone an idea, that is approximately the distance from San Diego to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Mendocino in Northern California, Moab in Utah, or San Ignacio in Baja Mexico!
We are excited to announce that in addition to our fundraising incentive prizes, we have some prizes to award for the highest percentage of group participation, top male and female overall yards by individual, and top male and female overall yards by group.
This year, two groups tied for the highest percentage of participation.
The National Group and Blue Group both had 87% of their total number of swimmers to participate in the Swim-a-Thon.  National and Blue group members have earned a special reward from Speedo – the new Speedo EV vanquisher goggles!
We also had two new RSD male and female records set this year for the number of yards by an individual swimmer:
Male swimmer to swim the most yards overall:
Carlos Munoz Renteria, National Group – 5800 yards, A New Record!!
Congratulations runner up Sebastien Wenger!!
Female swimmer to swim the most yards overall:
Revere Schmidt, National Group – 5350 yards, A New Record!!
Congratulations runner up Mia Kragh!!
Congratulations to our new record holders, Carlos and Revere – You have won a special reward from Speedo!!
Male and Female Group Leaders by Yards
Congratulations to the male and female participants who swam the most yards for their group - A special RSD reward is coming your way!
Most Yards - National Group:
Carlos Munoz Renteria
Revere Schmidt
Most Yards - Senior Champ:
Elek Zettle
Audrey Schaffer
Most Yards - Senior Champ Prep:
Miles Duncan & Andy Yu (Tietie)
Hollis Halpern & Charlie Ruckdaschel (tie)
Most Yards - Sr. Blue:
Ezra Purcell
Jade Vodrazka
Most Yards - Sr. White:
Hayden Hinds
Mary Taich
Most Yards - Sr. Red:
Alex Yeh
Ella Crotty
Most Yards - Sr. Gold:
Aany Van Der Linden
Hudson Vieux
Most Yards - Sr. Silver:
John Woodson
Crystal Cheng
Most Yards - Blue:
Mitchell Bailey
Patsy Hellmann
Most Yards - White:
Aris Dhiman, Aidan Copeland & Ethan Wang (tie)
Gabriella Polo
Most Yards - Red:
Claire O’Mara
Trenton Van Dillon & Tyler Douglas (tie)
Most Yards - Leopard Shark:
Ethan Tanner
Taylor Vincent
Most  Yards - Zebra Shark:
Reid Foster
Lucia Dunayevich
Most Yards - Corvina:
Danielle Patel
Nehru Soper
We have had a successful year in fundraising in 2021 and were able to raise over $75,000 this year.  We sincerely thank everyone who collected a donation, and those who donated this year.  We are grateful to have your support. A special shout out to our top 3 fundraising groups this year, Sr. Red, Sr. Silver and Zebra Shark!  Fundraising incentive prizes that have been earned will be handed out after our t-shirt order arrives.
Great job RSD!!