How to Sign-Up for a Swim Meet

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How to Sign-Up to Volunteer

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Swim Meets 101- Check out: Ask the Otter


Prior to the meet

  • Once you’ve signed up for the meet, please keep track of the events your swimmer is slated to participate in.  A confirmation email will be sent out shortly after registration closes for that meet. It is important to verify that your child’s entry is correct. If there are any errors or mistakes in the entry please contact the Aquatics Office asap to have them corrected.


  • An email with meet information containing warm up times and the approximate meet time line will be sent a couple of days prior to the meet.


At the meet

  • Check in for the meet.  There will be a check-in table for the organizers to know which swimmers are present in order to assign each participant a heat and lane.  Meet organizers provide permanent markers to write event numbers directly on each swimmer’s arm.  Ensure that the check in person highlights your swimmer on their sheet. Swimmers are required to check themselves in for the meet as parents are not allowed to check-in on behalf of a swimmer, however parents are welcome to assist or accompany the swimmer if needed.


  • It’s helpful to purchase a program, however it’s not required.  Programs generally cost $3-$5, list all the swimmers and their qualifying times, outline the race order, and give an idea of how many heats to expect per event.  Overall, having a program can assist you in following the timing and pace of the meet.


  • Find a place to sit. We encourage swimmers to sit with their team mates and parents to sit in the bleachers.


  • Sign up to volunteer. We require parents to volunteer for a 1-2 hour block each day of the meet your child swims. Volunteers generally assist with timing duties. You will need to check in with the volunteer manager by the RSD canopy/team area.


  • It is important to arrive on time. All swimmers will participate in a group stretch and warm up as a team prior to the start of the first race of the day.


  • Once all swimmers have checked in and completed their stretching and warm up, heat and lane assignments will be posted by meet organizers.  Heat and lane assignments are updated throughout the day and it is important to check them frequently.  Locate your child’s name for each event to find which heat and lane they will be swimming in.   It is best to write this information directly on your swimmer’s arm using a permanent marker (Sharpie) to remind them. 


  • Prior to each race, swimmers are encouraged to check in with their coaches to receive tips and strategies for their upcoming event.  The RSD coach’s table will be located on the side of the pool.  Be aware, the coach will ask for the heat and lane so they know where your child will be swimming.


  • It’s IMPORTANT to get swimmers to the starting blocks early! Approximately 2-3 heats prior to your swimmer’s heat is a sufficient amount of time. If your swimmer misses a race, they are automatically scratched from participating in the next event they are slated to do, per USA Swimming rules.


  • Upon arrival at the starting block in their assigned lane, swimmers need to approach the timer(s) to let them know they are waiting for their opportunity to swim and confirm their event number, heat and lane assignment.


  • Upon the completion of each event, it is strongly suggested that swimmers do a few cool down laps in the warm up pool and report back to the coach’s poolside table.  There, the coaches will analyze the race and offer helpful hints and suggestions for improvement.


  • Relay events are held at the end of the meet and are optional but swimmers are encouraged to participate.  Relay teams are either put together the day of the meet or organized ahead of time. Typically, only championship level meets have prearranged relay teams. In order for the coaches to assemble the most competitive relay teams, and turn in required paperwork to the meet organizers on time, swimmers need to alert their coach during the team meeting if they would like to participate.  There is a submission fee of $3 required for each member of the relay team. If relay are pre-assigned, attendance is required.

Where can I find info for my childs groups?

  • Log into Team Unify with your account info>Go to the Group Pages Tab>On the drop down, click on the name of your swimmer's group
    • On the Group Pages you will find: Coach Contact, Practice Schedule, Meet Schedule, Equipment List, other important information

Who do I contact if I have questions?

  • If your questions are related to your childs group, swim practice, or meets you should reach out to your child's coach
  • If your questions are related to Billing, Leave of Absence (LOA), or Credit Card Set Up. You should contact Coach [email protected]
  • If your questions are related to general account info, tryouts, or account cancelations. You should contact Coach Paul- [email protected]

Do we have to have USA Registration to be on RSD?

  • Yes, USA Registration is required of all RSD Swimmers regardless of meet participation.
  • You can find more information on USA Registration: Here

Does RSD have a team handbook or policies?

  • Yes, you can find our Handbook and Team Policies: Here