Thank you for volunteering and becoming an official with USA Swimming.  At RSD we take pride in our program and look to instill and exemplify our values at every opportunity.  As officials, you will be representing RSD and act as our ambassadors to the local areas swim clubs, their officials, coaches and athletes.  We expect that all will conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism and in adherence to the RSD values - remember, young athletes will be watching and looking to you for leadership and guidance.

Being an official gives you the ability to participate and be involved with your kids swimming endeavor.  It also helps represent your swim club, RSD at local USA Swimming sanctioned events.

This site contains information to help you become an effective official.

  1. Becoming an Official - this section provides information on the steps required to become an official with USA Swimming and how RSD participates along the way.
  2. Meet Sign-up - contains RSD's participating meet list with a link allowing current RSD Officials to sign-up for officiating duties.  They are generally split up into multiple sessions depending on the meet format.

We hope you enjoy your experience being an official for RSD and looking forward to seeing you all on deck soon.