USA Swimming Athlete Registration is required for all team members. Regardless of meet participation or not.


USA Swimming Registration Instructions

  • Complete “Athlete Registration Form”
    • Have an RSD coach sign-off on the age verification form—first time applicants only
  • Turn-in completed “Athlete Registration Form” and check to the RSD swim office
    • Place in “Paul” mailbox
    • Make checks payable to “San Diego Imperial Swimming” (Not RSD)
  • RSD will submit forms and payment every two weeks to San Diego Imperial Swimming

Outreach Membership: Swimmers who qualify for the free lunch program will follow the steps above using the “Outreach Athlete Registration Form” and must include proof of the free lunch via school district.


New members / first time registrants will provide one of the following forms. Click the corresponding form.

2021 Athlete Form - most team members will use this form: click here

2021 Outreach Form - swimmers who qualify for free school lunch program - will receive reduced registration fees: click here

2021 Flex Form - swimmers who will be joining us seasonally (summer only for example) and will not be competing in USA Swim competitions, contact Paul for the flex form.



Athletes transferring from another USA swim team must complete the athlete transfer form: click here

Questions? Contact Paul Mazzarelle ([email protected], 858-755-9272)