Event Fundraising
2023 RSD Swim-A-Thon
MAR 11
Time: 7:30 AM
EIN: 95-2470435
533 Lomas Santa Fe Dr, Solana Beach, CA 92075
Rancho San Dieguito Swim Team Administration Email
Hello RSD Families and Swimmers,

The clock has started. We are excited for this year's team fundraiser, and are working to raise money for our team. The monthly dues that we charge our families are only part of the money required to cover all of the operational costs our team sees each year.

Each year we run a USA Swimming Foundation approved fundraising event called a Swim-a-Thon, which brings all of our kids together for a swimming event where they swim as many laps as possible.

Everyone gets involved at this family friendly event! Our athletes fundraising participation raises money from friends and family which is critical to financially helping out our team. Your support of our Swim-a-Thon is very much appreciated!


This is Rancho San Dieguito (RSD) Swim Team’s only annual fundraiser and gives RSD athletes the chance to challenge themselves, seeing how many laps they can swim for a given time period while raising money to support the high-quality aquatics programming that Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito provides.

We typically suggest $150 per swimmer. However any donation, no matter the amount will go a long way.
Donations are accepted now through the week after the event date. Event date is TBD for spring 2023.
Our 2023 fundraising goal is $70,000, a very achievable goal with the help and support of all our RSD families.

Why we fundraise:

Swim-a-thon bridges the gap between the real cost of our programs, services and maintenance compared to the fees we charge. Below is a list of facts and figures that outline costs that Swim-A-Thon helps pay for, but many may not be aware of.

● Over the past decade, approx. 20% of children participating in our Aquatics programs have received financial aid.
○ On average, BGC San Dieguito awards $90,000 per year in financial aid to RSD families who qualify.
○ On average, BGC San Dieguito awards $22,500 per year in financial aid for youth swim lessons.
● On average, it costs $8,500 per month to heat & chemically balance both pools.
● On average $15,000 is spent annually to provide training equipment and proper storage for swim team training equipment such as kickboards, pull buoys and bands and more.
● Over $15,000 is spent annually to maintain current certifications for 13 coaches and provide continued education for each through ASCA, American Red Cross and USA Swimming.
● Each of the 16 lane lines at the Pardee Aquatics Center costs approx. $1700.
● It costs approximately $1,000 to refurbish 1 starting block.

How to donate:

Donations and pledges can be collected online through the RSD Team Unify website. Swimmers can create their own donation pages with a link that they can send to friends and family members.

We appreciate your support!


Rancho San Dieguito Swim Team Administration
Top Roster (amount)
$8,036.66 Blue
$6,811.00 Zebra Shark
$6,417.62 Sr. Blue
$5,591.66 Red
$5,400.00 Senior Championship
Top Locations (amount)
$53,109.29 Solana Beach
$2,200.00 Unassigned