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Group Classes: Age 6 months - 5 years 
Sea Turtle 1:6 Adult and child are in the water together with an instructor. Emphasizes helping toddlers adjust to the water and fun songs and activities.
Sand Dollar 1:3 Class for beginners with emphasis on basic water skills and safety in a comfortable aquatic environment.
Sand Crab 1:3 Helps children become more confident in the water, expand on basic water and safety skills and learn the beginner stroke.
Sea Horse 1:3 Children will refine beginner strokes and increase swimming competency, be able to swim 20 feet and practice water safety.
Sea Star 1:4 This class builds endurance while mastering freestyle technique for 25yds and refines backstroke.


Group Classes: Age 6 years and up
Penguin 1:3 Beginner class for children ages 6+. Focus on water adjustment, safety and the basics of freestyle.
Otter 1:4 Swimmers learn freestyle, side breathing, body position and balance. Skills include learning freestyle and backstroke, survival floating and deep-water orientation.
Seal 1:5 This class expands stroke technique. Teaches the fundamentals of backstroke, jumping in deep water with a life jacket, learning self-rescue skills and how to help others. Increase swimming distance to 50 yards.
RSD Prep 1:6 Children learn competency in strokes and safety skills beyond all preceding levels. Emphasis is on building endurance while they continue refinement of freestyle and backstroke. learning the breaststroke. Children will develop maximum efficiency and endurance for strokes, rescue skills, dives and treading water. Introduces Breaststroke and Butterfly and prepares swimmers for our RSD Swim Team
Little Lifeguard Prep 1:4 Prepares children ages 7-8 for the beach junior lifeguard summer program. This group focuses on the test requirements and basic swimming skills for area junior lifeguard programs.
Junior Lifeguard Prep 1:5 Prepares children ages 9+ for the beach Junior lifeguard summer programs. This group focuses on test requirements and swimming endurance for ocean swimming.
Pre-Teen 1:4 This class is for beginning to intermediate swimmers (11-15 years of age) who are interested in learning to swim with a group of their peers. Class will focus on water safety, stroke development and technique. This class runs for 30 minutes.
Adult 1:4 This class is for beginning adult swimmers (16 years and up). Learn how to swim and be safe in the water; it is never too late to learn this important life skill. This class runs for 30 minutes.