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Gluten Free Banana Bread The buckwheat flour adds a little more wholesome nutty flavor and the oat flour adds to the consistency. Link
Your Good Gut Good Gut has been all the talk lately.  Ok, some are talking about outward appearances, given the new year.  I know, who doesn't want those abs back!  But many are talking about the importance of good digestion and a healthy gut microbiome. Link
Sourced Beef Sourcing is a big deal for all of our food.  Today I’ll share a bit about sourcing for animal protein. Link
Tell Me What To Eat & Pumpkin Challenge This blog is a few sample meals that give you a a few new good ideas of what to eat without looking for creative recipes. Link
Digestion & Performance Your body needs energy to perform at it’s peak. So when choosing what to eat before and during your workout – you want to look for something that will deliver nutrients and useable energy. Link
8 Natural Cold & Flu Prevention Tips Would it be like a dream to get through cold and flu season without a trip to the doctor, or a round of antibiotics. Link
Athletes Need Sodium! Salt is a combination of sodium and chloride – which are two important electrolytes. Electrolytes are electrically charged ions in our blood – they regulate our fluids balance, blood pressure, are needed for the proper functioning of nerves and muscles, and energy production – they are kind of like our ‘spark plugs.’ When an athlete works out – they sweat – which means they lose fluids and electrolytes. So if an athlete gets depleted of electrolytes (including sodium) – they could start to feel fatigued, weak, sore and generally could run out of steam.  Link
Nature's Gatorade Coconut water, like sports drinks, helps athletes to replenish potassium, sodium, and electrolytes lost in sweat. Link
4 Tips to Boost Hydration - Naturally A recent study conducted at Harvard found that the majority of kids and teens are not getting enough fluids - with a quarter of all kids drinking literally no plain water all day long! This means that most kids are in a state of chronic dehydration. This is especially troublesome for athletes, as chronic dehydration can not only degrade performance and recovery, it can also contribute to headaches, muscle cramping, joint issues, constipation, asthma, brain fog, and fatigue.  Link
Overuse Injuries - Is Inflammation to Blame? A critical part of the healing process – inflammation is part of the body’s natural response to an insult or injury. There are a number of dietary factors that can lead to systemic & chronic inflammation. Making some simple changes to the diet can help reduce the root cause of systematic inflammation. Link
Heard About The Hottest New Sports Nutrition Drink? Athletes looking to gain energy, speed, endurance, stamina, improve bone density, and speed up their recovery time, might want to consider drinking the hottest new sports nutrition drink - Liquid Gold, or more commonly known as bone broth.