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Time Standards

Where do these time standards come from? By rule, our San Diego ABC time standards are set to equal those published by our large neighbor LSC to the north, Southern California Swimming. They call their time standards Blue-Red-White, but other than that they are identical. These time standards are very stable and rarely change from year to year. Having equivalent time standards makes it easier for swimmers to enter and compete in the other LSC’s swim meets. On the other hand, our Junior Olympic time standards are set locally here in San Diego and are crafted to select approximately the 24 fastest swimmers in each event based upon the average results in the event over the past 3 – 5 years. These time standards can change annually to reflect changes in the size and performance of various age groups.

1. 2017-2020 National Age Group Times

2. 2018 Short Course Yards

3. 2018 Long Course Meters

4. 2018 Winter Age Group Championships

5. 2019 Junior Olympic Championships

6. 2018 Far Western Championships

7. 2018 Western Zone Championships