Swim San Diego is committed to providing an enjoyable and complete swimming experience for all ages and abilities through maintaining a positive and challenging teaching and training environment in which swimmers develop individual discipline, self-esteem and pride in individual and team achievements. In addition to athletic achievements, Swim San Diego encourages a fully rounded family, academic and social life.


The Swim San Diego program provides progressive development through a series of age group and ability/commitment levels. At each level we strive to encourage, recognize and positively reinforce each swimmer's pursuit and attainment of defined goals. At each successive level more complex stroke technique drills and advanced theory are introduced, and more practice time and endurance/dry-land work are required. The coaching staff encourages and believes that engaging in competitive opportunities provides every individual good lessons for life by teaching how to control anxiety, stress, and to deal positively with both success and failure.


In addition to swimmer involvement in the team, Swim San Diego encourages and expects involvement of the family in the supporting club. We expect our families to participate in ownership of the team by volunteering their time, energy and talents in team and club activities and to help build team spirit. We also encourage our members, and expect our coaches, to take interest and become involved in activities of our larger community, as well as in local and national swimming organizations.